Apple does not collect commission on 90% of $1.1 trillion in app store sales

In a recent report by Analysis Group, it was revealed that 90% of total sales and billings for the iOS App Store ecosystem in 2022 have occurred outside of the App Store, with no commission received by Apple for these transactions. The report highlights that the Apple ecosystem facilitated $1.1 trillion of transactions, showcasing a 29% growth in the ecosystem of the App Store. One interesting fact the report reveals is that there were only 3,200 games on the Apple ecosystem in 2008, and now, there are 220,000, depicting the ever-evolving nature of the App Store.

It should be noted that much of the $1.1 trillion will not add up to direct app revenue in certain categories like games. Still, this highlights the vast size of the mobile ecosystem globally, and the amount of money flowing through it.

Apple’s Limitations are Being Tested

It’s evident, as per the authors of the report, that games are the primary objects of direct monetization as they form the majority of Apple’s transactions. Despite not having collected most commission from those interactions, games still contribute significant amounts because Apple’s 30% cut directly affects them.

It’s interesting to note that Apple does not have as much of a grip on spending via its ecosystem as some might think. This is good news for developers because it offers room for operating outside of Apple’s ecosystem to some degree. Developers like Supercell have already adhered to this trend, moving to web stores and platforms such as Razer Gold that facilitate in-app purchases.

Regardless of the walled garden ecosystem of the Apple App Store, this study portrays the long-term stability of the iOS app ecosystem. The competition from Apple’s fiercest rivals will push it to be more magnanimous towards developers, resulting in further advancements for the platform globally.

Developers and publishers will always rely on the Apple audience, considering the audience sizes out there. The App Store is seen as an important channel for businesses to make a mark, while following Apple’s ever-changing policies. But, in conclusion, it is fair to note that the confines of the Apple ecosystem will always be tested, ensuring that Apple always operates within its boundaries.