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Preordering games used to be something we all looked forward to. It was exciting to get hyped up for the next installment of our favorite series and place a preorder down at our local game store. But with the growth of digital media and live-service games, the uncertainty around release dates and what shape the game will be in, and the increasing number of preorder bonuses that aren’t worth the price, we’ve started to rethink our approach to spending our hard-earned cash on games. On this week’s episode of Spot On, Lucy and Tamoor dive deep into why preordering games is not as consumer-friendly as you might think, and discuss ways in which you can show your support to developers without committing to a preorder.

Why Preordering Games Might Not Be the Best Choice

In recent years, there have been more and more disadvantages to preordering games. One of the biggest issues is the increasing uncertainty around release dates. Live-service games, in particular, often release in an unfinished state, causing frustration amongst fans who spend their money only to find out they need to wait for updates and content drops before the game is actually playable. Additionally, preordering bonuses are often lackluster and not worth it, causing buyers’ remorse. These issues, along with others, have prompted many experts in the gaming industry to advise against preordering games.

Ways to Support Developers without Preordering

While game developers need support to continue creating new content, there are ways to do so that are less risky than preordering games. One such way is backing Kickstarter campaigns for independent game developers. By backing a campaign for a game you’re passionate about, you directly support the developers while also having more control over your investment. Another way to support game developers is to buy games on the day of their release. By waiting for reviews and fan feedback to come in before purchasing, you can get a better sense of whether the game meets your expectations and is worth your money. You can also support developers by playing and recommending their previous games, subscribing to their social media accounts, and attending gaming conventions.

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