Street Fighter 6 – JP Character Guide

JP Character Guide for Street Fighter 6

If you’re considering playing JP in Street Fighter 6, then this character guide is designed to help you master his abilities. We’re going to teach you JP’s combos, anti-air attacks, and a few solid strategies to help you come out on top in battles both online and in tournaments. While this guide covers JP’s abilities at the launch of Street Fighter 6, we’ll be sure to keep it updated as the game is patched and JP strategies evolve.

JP Character Overview

When Capcom first introduced JP, the character’s design and gameplay appeared to be that of a dedicated zoner, keeping opponents on the far side of the screen in a bullet-hell-style environment. However, after playing with the character, the formidable JP has a few limitations, particularly with close-range combat.


– U: Up
– D: Down
– F: Forward
– B: Back
– cr: Crouching
– st: Standing
– P: Punch
– LP: Light Punch
– MP: Medium Punch
– HP: Heavy Punch
– K: Kick
– LK: Light Kick
– MK: Medium Kick
– HK: Heavy Kick
– QCF: Quarter Circle Forward (fireball motion)
– QCB: Quarter Circle Back (reverse fireball motion)

JP Basic Info


– Anti-airs that can lead to big damage
– Moderate zoning pressure from across the screen
– A level three super that covers the entire length of the screen


– Very limited options at close range
– JP’s best poke can’t be special canceled
– Reversal options are limited
– Slow walk speed
– Below-average dash
– The projectile throw is easily reactable, even at close range
– The projectile throw cannot be used while a Departure portal is open

Best Normals

– st.MP
– st.HP
– cr.LP
– st.LP

Best Anti-Air Attacks

Sample Combos

– cr.LP > cr.LP > Stribog (QCF+LP)
– cr.LP > st.LP > Stribog (QCF+LP)
– cr.LK > cr.LP > Stribog (QCF+LP)
– st.HK > st.HP > Stribog (QCF+LP)
– st.HK > st.HP > Lovushka (QCBx2+P) > st.HK > st.HP > Departure (QCB+HP) > st.HK > st.HP > Stribog (QCF+LP) > st.HP > Triglav (DD+LP)
– st.HK > st.HP > Lovushka (QCBx2+P) > st.HK > st.HP > Departure (QCB+HP) > st.HK > st.HP > Stribog (QCF+PP) > Chornobog (QCFx2+P)

JP General Strategies

JP’s abilities are best utilized when opponents are on the far side of the screen. Your primary goal should be to alternate between the Triglav (DD+P) ground thorn and Torbalan (QCF+K) projectile attacks. If the opponent parries these attacks, JP can offer a mix-up with the Embrace (QCB+K) projectile throw. While slow and easily reactable, the projectile throw can still catch some players off guard.

JP’s standing and crouching light attacks are best utilized when an opponent is within jumping distance. You can combo them into the light Stribog special to knock the opponent back out to full-screen range. You should be cautious of Drive Impact, as many of JP’s better normals and command normals can be easily countered with a well-timed Drive Impact.

JP’s best normals are his standing heavy punch (HP) and standing medium punch (MP). The standing MP has good range but can’t be special canceled, while the standing HP can easily hit confirm into the Stribog (QCF+P) special to knock the opponent back across the screen or into the light Torbalan projectile.

A good sequence for JP might look something like this:

– cr.LP > cr.LP > Stribog (QCF+LP)
– Triglav (DD+HP)
– Torbalan (QCF+K)
– Triglav (DD+HP)

If the Torbalan or Triglav hit, you usually have time to set up a Departure (QCB+P) portal. The OD version (QCB+MP+HP) is recommended to place two portals on screen and recover as quickly as possible. You can then go for an immediate Torbalan (QCF+K), then quickly use a Window Warp (QCB+MP). With this timing, the thorn from the portal closest to the opponent will cover your warp, allowing you to follow with more offensive pressure.

Special Moves

Triglav (DD+P)

The Triglav Special Move by JP in Street Fighter 6

JP’s Triglav is a thorn attack that comes up from the ground and can be placed all the way across the screen (HP version), around the middle of the screen (MP version), or close to JP (LP version). If JP is close to an opponent who is in the corner, all three versions will appear in the corner. There are also three different Overdrive versions that cause two thorns to appear instead of one. The LP+MP version appears closest to JP, with the MP+HP version attacking at full screen, and the LP+HP version attacking around the middle of the screen.

While the Triglav can technically punish an opponent’s projectile attack from full screen, it’s not very fast, so timing is a little strict to do so. It’s best used after an opponent blocks a Torbalan projectile attack at full screen. A well-timed thorn after a blocked projectile will force the opponent to remain at full screen. If they jump or attempt to move, the thorn is likely to connect, resetting the situation. You can vary this by using a full-screen thorn, then a thorn in the middle of the screen if you anticipate the opponent will try to jump over your next attack.

When these sequences are timed correctly, the opponent will be forced to block the attacks or parry them, and if they parry, it gives you time to set up Embrace portals. You can also use Triglav after an anti-air F+HK, then cancel into JP’s level three super for big damage.

Stribog (QCF+P)

The Stribog Special Move by JP in Street Fighter 6

JP’s Stribog is primarily used to knock the opponent to the far side of the screen. Anytime an opponent is close, you should combo into the Striborg to knock them back across the screen. Your most common combo will likely be two crouching or standing light punches into the light Stribog. It’s not significant damage by any means, but JP’s main goal here is to distance himself from the opponent, not inflict a ton of damage at close range.

The HP version of Stribog leaves JP at an advantage when used up close. It can be used to combo into Lovushka (QCBx2+P) and set up a Departure portal, where JP can then use Triglav for additional pressure. You can also use the HP Stribog to confirm into the level three super for big damage.

Final Thoughts

JP is an interesting addition to the world of Street Fighter 6, as he requires you to keep opponents on one side of the screen to truly dominate. However, he also has some significant limitations, particularly with close-range combat. Use this guide to get the most out of JP’s abilities and to ensure your success both online and offline.