Diablo 4 – How to Swap Weapons

All players in Diablo 4 have the flexibility of using different weapons within the same category. However, certain classes have the added advantage of using completely different types of weapons. For example, the rogue class can use both bows and crossbows as well as daggers and swords.

If you’re playing a class with skills that require different types of weapons, you may be wondering how to change weapons while playing the game.

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How to Change Weapons in Diablo 4

If you’re looking to swap weapons while playing Diablo 4, you can do so by using an ability that requires a different type of weapon than the one currently being held by your character. This automatic swapping of weapons happens instantly and eliminates the need for an additional button or hotkey.

For instance, when playing as a rogue, if you’re currently holding daggers and want to switch to your bow, you can do so by using a skill that requires a ranged weapon.

One notable exception to this process is the Barbarian class. As a Barbarian, you have several gear slots for different types of melee weapons, and many of your skills require you to use one of these weapons while gaming.

The Barbarian class has the unique option of selecting its preferred weapon type for particular skills. You can do this by accessing the Skills menu and selecting the skills you’d like to change weapon types for. After that, click the middle mouse button, and your preferred weapon type will be assigned. You can also change weapon types at the bottom of your screen with the middle mouse button.

To take stunning screenshots of your character holding a specific weapon, use a skill that requires that weapon type. That way, your character can hold it until another skill requiring a different weapon type is used.

That’s how to swap weapons in Diablo 4. Do you have any suggestions or comments about this guide? Let us know in the comment section below.