God of War Franchise Most Profitable Merchandise Brand for Sony

A former Sony employee has identified the God of War franchise as the most profitable merchandise brand for PlayStation. Aaron Kaufman, who served as head of marketing at Santa Monica Studio for almost eight years, asserts that God of War products are the most popular gaming items among PlayStation fans and constitute the most profitable PlayStation brand for gamer merchandise. “An authentic product creation process to empower the creation of products desired by the fans” fueled by the God of War franchise licensing strategy has underpinned this positive outcome.

God of War franchise licensing strategy working wonders for Sony

Kaufman’s LinkedIn profile points out that Santa Monica Studio’s social media presence is “the most highly regarded” in PlayStation’s portfolio, as revealed by internet researcher Timur222. The developer’s social media postings about 2018’s God of War promotions generated 187 million impressions and $1.8 million in “earned media” from The Lost Pages of Norse Myth promotional campaign. The God of War 3 Remastered sold 4 million copies as of 2015, according to Kaufman, but the current figures are unknown since he left Santa Monica Studio in early 2020. Finally, it was also well-received on mobile platforms, achieving 1 million installs on Android and iOS as Santa Monica Studio’s first mobile game, Fat Princess.