Where is the throne room in Tears of the Kingdom?

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In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Hyrule Castle is located just north of Lookout Landing. This legendary castle used to be famous for its beauty, with high walls and gardens guard. Today, it has been seriously damaged and is floating in the air. Despite this, it still retains its importance in the game. Our guide is here to help you find your way to the throne room in Hyrule Castle.

How to Find the Throne Room in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Unlike prior Zelda games, Hyrule Castle has been damaged and is in a state of disarray. To reach the throne room, you must first make your way to the central part of the castle. However, as the castle is now floating in the air, you will need to approach from high elevation.

Totk Hyrule Castle Throne Room Arrival By Air

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Your first step is to activate the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower. This can be done while obtaining the paraglider, as explained in our write-up. Once activated, launch from the tower and glide north. While doing so, be careful of your stamina level as it requires a bit of stamina. If needed, take a stamina elixir to ensure you arrive safely.

You will soon arrive at a high outcropping, which serves as a base of a slope leading up to the castle’s front gate. Travel uphill and ascend the short set of stairs. Continue forward through the archway to reach the Sanctum.

Totk Hyrule Castle Throne Room Compartment With Champions Leathers

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The throne room and the Sanctum are one and the same in this game. Ahead of the entryway, you’ll see stairs along the backside of the room. They join at a high platform with the throne, where a Triforce symbol hangs on the overhead wall.

Before leaving the throne room, be sure to light the two torches, thus revealing a hidden compartment that contains the Champion’s Leathers. The Champion’s Leathers are essential in the game, so be sure to do this while in the throne room.

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