How To Beat Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion Boss

Durig your playthrough of Diablo 4, you’ll face a tough boss called Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion during the Malnok Stronghold quest. His icy weapon can deal massive damage and slow you down with icy pools, making the fight extremely challenging. We’ve compiled some tips, tricks, and strategies that have worked across all classes to help you defeat Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion in Diablo 4 and complete the stronghold.

How to Defeat Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion in Diablo 4

There is no fixed build that guarantees a win against this particular enemy, depending on your class and skill build. Respeccing is sometimes necessary to create a solid build that works best against Frosthorn. Here are some common strategies that will help you take down the Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion:

  • Focus on abilities that are boss-focused instead of crowd control; this is particularly important if you’re playing with Rogue class. For example, consider switching from Barrage to Penetrating shot for a higher chance of survival.
  • Make sure you have shoes that allow you to dodge and evade twice. If you don’t have this item in your inventory, consider trading with another player. To do this, bring up the interaction wheel (Up D-pad on your controller and E for PC players) and select the option to Trade with a player. Then, choose the items to trade and confirm the exchange.

best build for defeating Malnok Stronghold boss

  • Add abilities that give you evade options or some type of movement speed and slows down enemies.
  • Choose ranged attacks because they are easier to drain the boss’ health from a safe distance. Barbarians will require precise dodge timing which can take multiple attempts to get right.
  • Make sure you repair your gear after every death. The nearest town should have a Blacksmith who can help you out with repairs.
  • If you’re playing with a Necromancer, ensure that your build is not melee-focused and instead focus on Decompose. Try to add Enhanced Decompose > Initiates’ Decompose, which slows down the enemy by 30%.

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  • Take advantage of the Golem ability that unlocks at level 25. It will distract the boss, giving you time to deal damage from a distance.

Frosthorn Ice Clan Champion attack patterns