Rust – How Often Does the Cargo Ship Spawn

Cargo Ship in Rust: Best Loot Guide

In Rust, there are only a few high-level locations where you can loot incredible items. However, the Cargo Ship provides the best loot in the game. The only thing you need to do is figure out how and when the ship will appear.

You might think that the Cargo Ship spawns randomly, leaving you waiting for days and nights. Nevertheless, the ship’s apparitions follow a relatively consistent pattern which can be learned over time.

The Cargo Ship spawns every 2 in-game days, which is approximately 2 hours in official server time. It will perpetually spawn and is an excellent way to obtain high-level equipment.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the Cargo Ship’s spawning process, along with tips on how to maximize loot and avoid radiation poisoning.

When Does the Cargo Ship Spawn in Rust?

The Cargo Ship appears every 2 hours on official Rust servers that adhere to default settings. To be more precise, it takes two in-game days for the ship to spawn since one day lasts an hour. Once spawned, the Cargo Ship moves around the coast of the island for around 50 minutes, and you will have three chances to open the Locked Crates.

It takes 15 minutes to open a Locked Crate, and they respawn after approximately 10 minutes. The exact time of the Cargo Ship’s spawn is often at dawn when the sun starts to rise. However, the server you play on can also affect the ship’s spawning time.

Maximizing Loot and Avoiding Radiation Poisoning

With around 50 minutes of the Cargo Ship on the coast, there are many opportunities for players to loot and open the crates. By opening the third crate, players may have to rush to avoid radiation poisoning effects. Once the Cargo Ship leaves the map, players will incur significant radiation damage.

Assuming players have a Hazmat suit, wearing this can delay radiation poisoning from setting in. However, after a few minutes of exposure, even with the Hazmat Suit, players will start to get Radiation Poisoning. With approximately 10 minutes before radiation poisoning levels skyrocket, ambitious players might risk being surrounded by radiation to grab an extra crate.

There are around 9 crates that spawn on top of the Cargo Ship and approximately 17 crates inside the ship. It is one of the best locations for players to get high-level equipment and items.

Knowing the Cargo Ship’s spawn time is an excellent way for players to maximize their loot. Hopefully, this guide gives you a comprehensive understanding of the Cargo Ship’s spawning process in Rust.

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