Dying Light 2 DLC Delayed, Techland Issues Statement

Techland, the studio behind Dying Light 2, has announced that the next piece of DLC for the game will be delayed until 2024, showing how the game is suffering from persistent delays since its initial reveal. The studio made an announcement on its website stating that the reason for the delay is they want to spend more time on development concerns, ensuring that their commitment to delivering the best story expansion possible is fulfilled. 

The Dying Light 2 DLC Will Feature New Systems and a “New Map”

Techland has plans to include a “new map” and more sophisticated systems in the upcoming DLC, and the studio wants to make sure the expansion exceeds expectations. Fans should not be discouraged, however, as the studio has scheduled a few events to be close to the time of its eventual release. With an AMA on its Discord channel being held on June 16 at 7 a.m. PT and then a live stream on June 29, Techland will give fans insight into upcoming game-changing updates.

The “game-changing updates” that Techland is referring to are likely related to a parkour and nighttime-focused update that is scheduled for June. The upcoming patch will improve free-running and add more horror elements to the game at night. Franchise director Tymon Smektała even mentioned the upcoming patch during the Summer Game Fest stream, making it clear that the studio is still committed to quality releases.

Dying Light 2 has been delayed several times since the initial reveal at E3 in 2018. It was first delayed in early 2020, with many more delays after that. Eventually, it settled on a February 2022 release date, but this has also been continuously delayed. In addition to the game’s delays, the first paid expansion, Bloody Ties, was also moved to various dates before finally being rescheduled for a November release.