Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Get to Fossil Island

How to Access Fossil Island in OSRS

In order to reach Fossil Island in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players must complete the Bone Voyage quest and have a minimum of 100 kudos.

Fossil Island boasts the Museum Camp and the Mushroom Forest, both of which are essential areas for dedicated OSRS players looking to train their skills.

This island also offers plenty of opportunities for players to gather fossils from monsters they defeat.

To access Fossil Island, follow these steps:

1. Complete the Bone Voyage Quest

The Bone Voyage quest revolves around constructing a barge ship for the Varrock Museum. To begin this quest, speak to Curator Haig Halen at Varrock Museum. It is necessary to have at least 100 kudos to start the quest and gain access to Fossil Island. If you haven’t completed The Dig Site quest, which is a prerequisite for Bone Voyage, make sure to finish it first.

2. Travel to Digsite

The only way to reach Fossil Island is by taking the ferry from the Digsite location. Digsite is an archaeological excavation site situated east of Varrock.

Once you arrive at Digsite, you can converse with the barge guard who will transport you to Fossil Island.

3. Getting to Digsite

There are a few methods to travel to Digsite efficiently:

  • Use a Digsite Pendant: The quickest way to reach Digsite is by utilizing a digsite pendant. Upon using the pendant, you will be teleported near the barge at Digsite, where the barge guard is located.
  • Utilize the Glider and Spirit Tree: Another fast option is to combine the glider transportation system with the spirit tree transportation system. First, use the spirit tree at the Grand Exchange to teleport to the Gnome Stronghold. From there, ascend the tree and employ the glider. Choose the “Lemanto Andra” option, which will take you close to Digsite and the ferry that leads to Fossil Island.

Now you know how to access Fossil Island in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! If you have any suggestions or requests for future guides, please leave them in the comment section below.