Until You Fall PSVR2 Port Out Now, Isn’t a Free Upgrade

Until You Fall PSVR2: Release Announcement and Upgrade Details

The highly acclaimed PlayStation VR title, Until You Fall, has made its way to PlayStation VR2 in an unexpected manner. Developer Schell Games surprised fans with the announcement of its release in June, and now they have confirmed that the Until You Fall PSVR2 port is available for purchase.

Is there an Until You Fall PSVR2 free upgrade?

While Until You Fall can now be found on the PlayStation Store for $24.99, it does not come with a free upgrade. Schell Games explicitly stated on its Discord page that this is “an updated version of the game and will need to be purchased separately.” Unfortunately, even existing owners of the roguelite melee game will need to make a full purchase at $24.99.

This lack of a free upgrade shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it aligns with the trend set by other PSVR games that were previously offered for free or as part of PlayStation Plus. Games like The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Rez Infinite, and Thumper have followed a similar path without providing free upgrades.

While details about the new PSVR2 port are scarce, Schell Games did give a glimpse of what players can expect. Until You Fall for PSVR2 will feature three two-handed weapons, enhanced visuals, and localization and subtitle options in nine different languages. However, specific information regarding these features has not been disclosed.