How to Declare War in Manor Lords

How to Initiate a Surprise Attack in Manor Lords

Manor Lords revolves around strategic warfare, requiring players to carefully time their attacks on enemies. The game provides assistance by restricting when players can launch surprise assaults on their opponents. Let’s delve into the details of how to declare war in Manor Lords.

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Manor Lords is currently in Early Access, indicating that there may be alterations to the system in the future. At present, players have three scenario templates to choose from when commencing their journey. While two templates concentrate on upgrading settlements, the third one challenges players to conquer every region.

Conquering every region is a daunting task, as I realized the moment I embarked on this campaign. Securing shelter for my families was a priority, followed by the construction of homes and a church. Soon, I discovered the presence of bandit camps and rival military forces on the map. Although I wasn’t prepared to engage in combat yet, I contemplated my future actions.

To initiate a surprise attack in Manor Lords, you must access the map and select the faction you wish to confront. Within this screen, you can initiate discussions, negotiations, and declarations against the chosen faction. Navigate to the declaration tab, where you will find an option labeled “Surprise War.”

Nevertheless, you cannot declare a surprise war at any given moment. A minimum of 500 Influence is required to commence a Surprise War. It’s important to note that the faction you choose to surprise will view this action unfavorably, resulting in a loss of 100 standing with them. However, if you possess ample Regional Wealth, you can easily hire mercenaries to assist you in the endeavor.

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