Deathbound is Coming to Xbox Series X|S

Experience the Unique Party-Based Soulslike Adventure of Deathbound

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary party-based soulslike experience with Deathbound. Developed by Trialforge Studio in Brazil, this game has already received critical acclaim from major gaming publications like IGN, Kotaku, and The Escapist.

Forge Bonds with Fallen Warriors in the City of Akratya

Deathbound takes you on a journey through the city of Akratya, where you won’t be alone. You’ll need to build relationships with seven fallen warriors, each with their own intriguing stories. Utilize the innovative four-hero party system, a new feature in soulslike games, allowing you to switch warriors seamlessly during gameplay, even in the midst of combat.

Discover the Diverse Playable Characters in Deathbound

Each playable character in Deathbound comes with unique skills, combat styles, and histories. These fallen warriors are deeply intertwined with the game world and each other, belonging to conflicting factions and driven by different motivations. The interactions between these warriors can either provide combat buffs or lead to debuffs within your party.

Experience the Meticulously Crafted Combat System

The combat system in Deathbound has been carefully developed based on player feedback and genre fans. A central element of the combat system is the Morphstrike, a powerful attack similar to combos that can decimate enemies, uniting the forces of the fallen warriors in your party.

Deathbound screenshot

Confront Unforgiving Enemies and Bosses in Deathbound

Deathbound throws challenging enemies and bosses your way, designed to push your skills to the limit. Encounter dreadful creatures crafted in dark laboratories by a cult obsessed with eternal life. Every battle in Deathbound is a deadly encounter, so be prepared for any foe that crosses your path.

Deathbound screenshot

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Deathbound, coming to Xbox Series X|S consoles later this year. If you’re intrigued by what you’ve learned about Deathbound, make sure to visit the game’s store page and add it to your Wishlist. See you in Akratya, Fallen Warrior!