Rust – How to Use MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System)

MLRS: Destroying Bases Made Easy in Rust

Tired of the hassle of manually attacking your enemies’ bases in Rust? Don’t worry, there’s a solution that allows you to bully other players without even being near them. The MLRS, a rocket-firing machine, provides the perfect opportunity to shoot rockets from incredible distances and demolish enemy bases in seconds.

However, there’s a catch. Utilizing the MLRS requires substantial preparation. Special rockets and an Aiming Module, found only in the highest-level crates, are essential components.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how to effectively operate the MLRS in Rust, its functionalities, and provide tips on obliterating any base in no time.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the MLRS?
  2. How to Use the MLRS in Rust
  3. Where to Get MLRS Aiming Module and Rockets in Rust

What is the MLRS?

The MLRS, which stands for Multiple Launch Rocket System, is an exclusive machine featured in Rust’s Abandoned Military Base within the Desert biome. Available to all players, the MLRS allows rockets to be launched anywhere on the map (excluding safe zones and monuments), offering unparalleled destructive potential against enemies.

How to Use the MLRS in Rust

Using the MLRS necessitates an MLRS Aiming Module and 1 to 12 MLRS Rockets.

To begin, venture into the Abandoned Military Base, face the roughly six Patrol Scientists guarding it, and locate the MLRS. Refer to the image above for visual identification.

First, position the MLRS Rockets at the back of the machine. Open the MLRS and insert the rockets, ensuring not to exceed the maximum limit of 12.

Next, access the front of the vehicle and enter it. Within the machine, open the compartment to the right and insert the MLRS Aiming Module. The screen will activate, enabling you to select the desired rocket launch destination.

Players will be presented with a map featuring a red target accompanied by a white circle.

Press the screen to indicate the intended rocket launch location, causing the red target to move accordingly while the white circle follows.

The white circle represents the area where the MLRS Rockets will impact. Adjust the position of the white circle using the red target to guarantee hitting the intended target.

Exit the interface, focus on the left side, and press the Fire Rockets button. Once activated, the rockets will be promptly launched. The MLRS Aiming Module vanishes, disabling the MLRS for approximately 10 minutes.

During this period, the MLRS will appear to be engulfed in flames. It’s ready for use again when the fire subsides from the front of the machine.

Where to Get MLRS Aiming Module and Rockets in Rust

Acquiring both the MLRS Aiming Module and Rockets proves quite challenging. These items can only be obtained from the most elite crates in Rust.

The MLRS Aiming Module can solely be acquired from Locked Crates, featuring a 50% chance of obtaining one. Locked Crates are renowned for yielding tier 3 equipment and items, with two primary sources available:

  1. Boarding Cargo Ships
  2. Monitoring Chinook Helicopter drops

Cargo Ships present the most reliable opportunity as they regularly spawn and their Locked Crates respawn while circling the island.

As for the MLRS Rockets, they exclusively spawn within the following crate types:

  1. APC Crate – 97% Chance of Obtaining 1 to 5 MLRS Rockets
  2. Elite Tier Crate – 50% Chance of Obtaining 1 MLRS Rocket
  3. Helicopter Crate – 15% Chance of Obtaining 2 MLRS Rockets

That wraps up everything you need to know about utilizing the MLRS in Rust! If you have any suggestions or additional insights regarding this guide, please let us know in the comments below.