Investment and AI: highlights from GameExpo Summit | Pocket

Last week, the GameExpo Summit took place in Dubai as part of the Pocket Gamer Connects conference series. This exclusive event brought together professionals from the gaming industry for knowledge exchange and networking. The summit attracted over 1,300 registered attendees, showcasing its global significance beyond the MENA region. From June 21 to 22, the summit featured nearly 100 experts who shared their insights. If you couldn’t attend the event, here are some key highlights from the second day:

The Evolution of Interactive TV

During the Developer Toolkit track, Alex Casassovici, the CEO and founder of, discussed the history and future of interactive TV. Casassovici highlighted the fact that television still captures more attention than other devices, even in today’s digital age. He also mentioned the increasing interactivity of TVs, emphasizing that every screen has become an internet video player capable of running games. has developed a platform that rewards viewers for their interaction, and its Twitch integration has gained popularity among users.

The Impact of AI, Prototyping, and Esports

Generative AI was a major topic of discussion at the summit, with Wayne Lee from Bloxmoth emphasizing its significant impact on the gaming industry. Lee acknowledged that while human creativity will still play a role in game design, AI will greatly influence pre-production, production, and testing. He mentioned cutting-edge tools like the latest version of FRVR, which enables game development through voice commands. Another recommendation from Lee was Leonardo, an AI concept art tool. Lee suggested that esports is a lucrative field for AI initiatives, presenting an opportunity for those interested in exploring the intersection of AI and esports.

AI in Marketing, Law, and Game Design

Other speakers at the summit included Peter Fodor from AppAgent, who discussed the use of AI in marketing, and Jonty Cowan from Wiggin LLP, who delved into the legal aspects of AI. Cowan highlighted the potential legal challenges and ethical considerations surrounding AI, particularly in relation to intellectual property rights and data usage. He advised attendees to carefully read the terms of use for AI tools and to establish workplace guidelines for AI adoption. The summit also hosted a panel on the impact and potential of AI in game development, covering topics such as NPC intelligence and asset creation.

Investment Strategies in Gaming

The “Show Me the Money” track featured Chris James, who provided an overview of the investment scene in the gaming industry. James then moderated a panel with industry experts, including Pieter Van der Pijl from Triple Dragon and Maria Kochmola from The Games Fund. The panel discussed various investment opportunities, including mobile, blockchain, VR, and AI. Despite challenges, the panelists expressed optimism about the gaming industry, with Kochmola emphasizing the dependability of solid IP in PC gaming. Van der Pijl still believed in the potential of mobile gaming, highlighting the resilience of developers in adapting to changes in user acquisition.

Overall, the GameExpo Summit offered valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the gaming industry, touching on topics ranging from interactive TV to the implications of AI. The event showcased the global reach of the gaming community and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.