The Make It Rain Campaign returns June 30th

The Return of the Make It Rain Campaign in FFXIV

One of the unique seasonal events in Final Fantasy XIV is the Make It Rain Campaign, and fans are eagerly awaiting its return. From June 30 to July 17, players can participate in this event and take advantage of exciting rewards.

The Make It Rain Event and Rewards

The Make It Rain Campaign focuses on storylines centered around the Gold Saucer. This year, the event starts with a quest titled ‘Kipih Jakkya needs help penning her next hit article,’ possibly hinting at an encounter with Godbert.

During the event, Manderville Gold Saucer Point rewards are increased by 50%. Combine this boost with the Free Company buff Jackpot II, and you can earn a substantial amount of MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points) during the event. It’s the perfect opportunity to work towards acquiring coveted mounts like Typhon, Fenrir, Korpokkur Kolossus, Archon Throne, Pod 602, Sabotender Emperador, or Blackjack. Additionally, players can finally obtain emotes, hairstyles, and glamour items that have been on their wishlist. Gold Saucer minigame housing furnishings are also available at discounted MGP prices.

Although we won’t see the popular /showleft and /showright emotes this year, there’s still a fantastic reward in store: the Wind-up Godbert.

Image via Square Enix

After years of being a beloved character in the Manderville quests, Starlight seasonal events, and even the Main Scenario, players can finally add a toy version of FFXIV’s charming Manderville man to their collection. It remains a mystery what his idle animation will be. Alongside the Wind-up Godbert, players can also access items from previous editions of the event and discover numerous MGP exclusive minions.

Get ready to embrace the Make It Rain Campaign, grab your Wind-up Godbert, and dive into the Gold Saucer challenge logs for the next few weeks. There’s no better time to bask in the excitement of this unique event.