Diablo 4’s Latest Patch Has Made It Even Harder To Find The Secret Cow Level

Thanks to the recent patch in Diablo 4, players are encountering a new obstacle in their search for the secret cow level. The 1.0.3 patch, as reported by PCGamer, removed the quest “The Oxen Gods,” which allowed players to access a hidden room by turning in specific items. This quest was a crucial element for a group known as the Not Finding A Cow Level Discord, a dedicated community on Discord focused on uncovering the existence of the cow level. However, with its removal, players are now exploring older Diablo games and even World of Warcraft for any hints or clues in the game’s lore, but so far, no tangible leads have been discovered.

The cow level has been a long-standing joke within the Diablo community ever since Diablo 2. It is a hidden level called “The Secret Cow Level” where players engage in combat with a Hell Bovine. Prior to the release of Diablo 4, the development team had stated that there would be no hidden cow level upon launch, but left open the possibility of one being discovered in the future.

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