Corsair Darkstar Wireless Review – IGN

The Corsair Darkstar Wireless: The Ultimate MOBA/MMO Mouse

The Corsair Darkstar Wireless is a highly anticipated addition to Corsair’s lineup of gaming peripherals. Priced at $169.99, this mouse is specifically designed for MOBA/MMO games like Diablo 4 and Battlefield 2042, offering 15 programmable keys and numerous unique features. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the Darkstar Wireless delivers unbeatable build quality, impressive features, customizable lighting, and advanced customization options. Let’s dive into the details of this exceptional gaming mouse.

A Sleek Design for Optimal Performance

The Corsair Darkstar Wireless gaming mouse offers everything you could possibly want in a MOBA/MMO mouse. In the box, you’ll find the mouse itself, a USB-A wireless dongle, and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, being completely plastic-free.

With 15 programmable buttons, including six on the left side, left and right tilt click, and more, the Darkstar Wireless provides a seamless gaming experience. While most buttons are well-placed, the addition of two extra buttons on top can be a bit bothersome. They control the default DPI steps, which can accidentally be pressed when moving the mouse. On the bottom of the mouse, you’ll find two large PTFE mouse skates for smooth gliding, a slot for the USB dongle, and a switch for wireless, Bluetooth, and power off modes.

Weighing in at 96g, the Darkstar Wireless is comparable to other MOBA mice. However, it may take a couple of days to get used to if you’re used to a lighter mouse. Nonetheless, Corsair has prioritized comfort by adding textured grips on both sides and low-profile side buttons on the left. The side buttons are conveniently placed around the thumb and are beneficial both in-game and outside of it, with the ability to switch profiles depending on the open application.

The Darkstar Wireless is perfect for those with larger hands who prefer a palm grip. The weight distribution allows for seamless transitions between palm, fingertip, and claw grips. The mouse also features tilt gestures, which can be used to control games, video editing software, and your PC as a whole. These gestures utilize motion tracking to trigger shortcuts enabled within the iCUE software. The tilt angle can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Customization and Software

To unlock the full potential of the Corsair Darkstar Wireless, the iCUE software is essential. While the mouse can function without it, you’ll be limited to the side buttons being mapped to 1-4 on your Numpad. With iCUE, you can remap all buttons and adjust mouse sensitivity. One notable feature is the Surface Calibration tool, which resolves any sensor issues on different surfaces.

The software is user-friendly, allowing you to fully customize the 15 buttons on the mouse. Each section is well-labeled, making it easy to personalize your gaming experience.

Impressive Performance for Hardcore Gamers

The Darkstar Wireless features a Corsair Marksman 26k sensor with 50g of acceleration, delivering exceptional performance in all types of games. Whether you’re playing Battlefield 2042 or Cyberpunk 2077, this mouse ensures a lag-free and seamless gaming experience. The Omron Optical Switches on the main buttons offer a quick response time and satisfying tactile feedback. While the mouse wheel button may feel a bit stiff at first, it’s easy to get used to and doesn’t hinder gameplay.

The side buttons are especially useful in games like Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk 2077, providing quick access to different commands. The slight click sound and unique shapes of these buttons ensure accurate input. Battery life, however, is where the Darkstar Wireless falls short. With RGB lighting effects turned off, the mouse lasts approximately 65 hours on 2.4 GHz wireless and 80 hours on Bluetooth. Keep in mind that using lighting effects significantly reduces battery life.

The Perfect Gaming Mouse for the Ultimate Experience

The Corsair Darkstar Wireless is available for purchase at a price of $169.99. Despite the higher price point, this gaming mouse offers unrivaled quality, features, and customization options. If you’re a hardcore gamer seeking the best MOBA/MMO mouse on the market, the Darkstar Wireless is definitely worth the investment.