Why Nimona needed Chloë Grace Moretz in the lead role

When a beloved graphic novel or comic character is adapted into a film, one of the challenges is finding the right voice for the characters. The filmmakers of Netflix’s “Nimona” did an excellent job in this aspect, bringing the characters to life with their voice choices. Riz Ahmed brings a nervous and moody voice to Ballister Boldheart, while Eugene Lee Yang adds a softness to Ambrosius Goldenloin. However, it is Chloë Grace Moretz’s performance as Nimona that truly stands out.

According to director Nick Bruno, Moretz was the perfect fit for Nimona due to her comedic timing, mischievousness, and depth of emotion. Nimona is an impulsive and surprising character, and Moretz embraced that by having fun in the recording studio, trying different voices and delivery styles. She fully embodies Nimona’s rebellious nature and vulnerability, making her the heart of the movie.

ND Stevenson, the creator of the webcomic turned graphic novel, shared that hearing voice actors bring his characters to life has influenced his own perception of them. While writing the comic, he would often vocalize the lines himself, but didn’t associate specific voices with the characters. However, Moretz’s performance as Nimona perfectly matched his own internal voice for the character, bringing her to life in an explosive and emotional way.

“Nimona” is now available for streaming on Netflix.