How to beat Rule 24 in the Password Game

Hell on Earth, also known as The Password Game Rule 24

If you’ve made it this far in The Password Game, chances are you’re on the verge of losing your mind or contemplating some questionable actions. Did the chess, the burning password, and the periodic table calculations not push you over the edge? Well, get ready for Rule 24. Brace yourself, because this one is going to be brutal. Here’s our guide on how to conquer Rule 24 in The Password Game.

How to Beat Rule 24 in The Password Game?

In Rule 24, you are required to find and paste the URL of a YouTube video with a randomized length. You may need a video that’s around fifteen minutes long or perhaps an even longer one that exceeds thirty minutes. In the meantime, you have to search for the video while Paul the Chicken devours worms in the background.

To successfully overcome Rule 24 in The Password Game, there isn’t one specific solution. Creating your own video to match the required timestamp within the one-minute time limit is highly impractical unless you have multiple monitors and video editing software readily available. However, you can utilize search filters on YouTube to narrow down the results and find videos of the desired length.

Your best bet is to search for speedruns or timer videos that meet the duration criteria. Even then, you may not find an exact match and will have to scroll through the search results. The good news is that you don’t always require the precise length specified. Sometimes, you may get away with a video that’s just one second longer, but it may not work on another attempt. So, keep tweaking and experimenting. However, the real challenge lies in balancing your time between feeding Paul and searching for the video you need.

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Once you find the video URL, it’s important to note that you can remove the “http://” and the channel name from the URL, and it will still be accepted. However, attempting to use a URL shortener to preserve your other rules will likely lead to more difficulties, especially when it comes to dealing with Roman Numerals and Periodic Table math.