PSVR2 On PC Is Possible, Claims VR Driver Creator

A PSVR2 on PC driver is possible down the line

A recent tweet from iVRy (@iVRy_VR) has revealed that it is indeed possible to use the PSVR2 headset on PC, although it currently requires additional hardware due to Sony’s design choices. Sony is not actively blocking this functionality, but there is no official support for it at this time.

iVRy shared their breakthrough on Twitter, showcasing images of PSVR2 running SteamVR and playing Half-Life Alyx. They expressed their excitement and satisfaction with their progress so far.

While this is a significant development, iVRy cautioned that there is no estimated timeline for the release of a PSVR2 driver for PC. They emphasized that it would be a complex and time-consuming process. However, this latest breakthrough brings hope that the journey to make PSVR2 compatible with PC is moving in the right direction.

iVRy has been providing regular updates on their progress over the past few months. They have encountered challenges and setbacks, including harassment from impatient Twitter users, but they have persevered and continue to work on this project.