How Webedia uses Toornament to manage the French LoL official leagues

For the past 5 years, Webedia’s French division has relied on Toornament and its competition management tool to organize the renowned French Leagues of League of Legends. Additionally, it has utilized the Toornament API to seamlessly integrate and automatically update the results on the official websites.

Over the course of these 5 years, Webedia has successfully organized 10 seasons of the French League of Legends Division 1, attracting a record-breaking audience in Europe and featuring top-tier teams such as Karmine Corp, Team Vitality, LDLC, and BDS. All the results have been consolidated on the official website, where viewers can access league news, VODs, and partner information.

A Solution for Diverse Tournament Formats

The flexibility of Toornament has allowed it to adapt to the evolving formats required by Webedia throughout the seasons. While the regular league format remained consistent, the playoffs phase underwent several changes. It transitioned from a Gauntlet format to a single or double elimination bracket, with teams entering the playoffs in a staggered manner based on their regular season rankings.

Toornament’s advanced options for leagues also allow organizers to manually determine the specific match order and tournament days. This enables Webedia to create its own match schedule based on storytelling needs, viewer interest, or the organization of offline events such as the LFL Days.