Project Zomboid – How to Find Your Friends in Multiplayer

How to Find Your Friends in Multiplayer in Project Zomboid

The key aspect of playing Project Zomboid in multiplayer mode is the ability to team up with friends to survive, gather resources, and construct a secure base. However, locating your friends can be a challenge due to the random spawning mechanics in the game. In this guide, we will explore three methods to help you find your friends in multiplayer mode.

1. Communicate Through Chat

Communication plays a vital role in sharing information and coordinates. To locate your friends, open the chatbox by pressing “Enter” or “T” and engage in conversation. By providing details about their surroundings, structure styles, or specific buildings, your friends can give you an idea of their current location. While this method can be effective, keep in mind that Project Zomboid has a vast map, and finding each other through chat alone may not be the most efficient approach.

2. Use the Teleport Feature

The most common method to find your friends is by utilizing the teleport feature to instantly transport yourself or your friends to specific locations. To use this feature, ensure that you have administrative privileges on the server. If you are the server host, you can grant yourself admin privileges by typing the command “/setaccesslevel [yourSteamname] admin” in the chatbox. Alternatively, you can ask the server’s admin to give you permission. Once you have admin access, open the chatbox and enter the command “/teleport [Player1] [Player2]” to teleport Player 1 to the location of Player 2.

3. Adjust the Server Setting

If the previous methods are not effective, you can modify the server settings to locate your friends’ positions. Start by creating the server as usual and navigating to the “Manage Settings” section. From there, go to the “Players” tab and find the option “MapRemotePlayerVisibility.” This setting allows you to control the display of players on the in-game map. Set the value to either 2 (friends) or 3 (everyone) to see your friends’ locations on the map. Save the settings and start the server. This method can be used for both new and existing worlds.

That’s how to find your friends in multiplayer in Project Zomboid. If you have any additional suggestions or tips for locating friends in the game, feel free to share them in the comments below.