Superman & Lois Season 3 Review

Superman & Lois is forging its own path within the Arrowverse, bringing unique updates to Clark Kent’s mythology while drawing from the rich source material of DC comics. The show’s third season builds on its strengths, delivering a tightly-wound and thematically cohesive set of 11 episodes. However, the season order called for 13 episodes, leading to a last-minute decision to create an extended backdoor pilot for season 4. Despite this creative gamble, the show has been renewed, although with the departure of seven series regulars. The heart of the show lies in its small-town soap opera, with explosive action taking a backseat. The season explores Clark and Lois’ struggles as they try to rebuild Smallville, while dealing with personal and family challenges. The narrative weaves together various threads and themes, including Lois’ battle with breast cancer, Clark’s fear of losing her, and the conflict between Superman and the Metropolis gangster Bruno Manheim. The season also delves into race issues through Manheim’s character, who raises important questions about Superman’s priorities. The show incorporates elements from iconic comic arcs and delivers powerful character moments for Lois, solidifying her role within the Superman mythology. The teenage melodrama in Smallville is also a highlight of the season, with standout performances from the young cast. The season concludes with a shift in focus towards Lex Luthor and other villains, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next chapter.