Sonic Prime Season 2 Review

Sonic Prime Season 2 Premieres on Netflix in July

2023 is shaping up to be an incredible year for animation, with highly anticipated releases like Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Among these exciting releases is the second season of Netflix’s Sonic Prime series, which continues to deliver as a fun and engaging show for the whole family.

Character Growth and Compelling Storylines

One of the standout features of the first season of Sonic Prime was the character development of its teenage hero, Sonic. Deven Mack brings depth to Sonic as a flawed and immature young kid who learns that his actions can have unintended consequences. While the series takes us on action-packed adventures through different worlds filled with quirky versions of classic characters, Sonic’s personal growth remains the most captivating aspect of the show. Season two builds upon this by showcasing the far-reaching consequences of Sonic’s misadventures across time and space.

Raised Stakes and a Perfect Balance of Tone

Sonic Prime season two takes the stakes to new heights as the fate of the entire Shatterverse hangs in the balance. Similar to the first season, the show balances its grim outlook with intentionally cheesy dialogue and slapstick humor. The vibrant animation and over-the-top action sequences contribute to keeping the overall tone light. This combination of mature undertones and Sonic’s constant battles with Eggman’s robot army appeals to both older and younger fans of the franchise.

A Complete and Cohesive Season

One notable difference in season two is the feeling of completeness. It is evident that the series was developed as a whole and released in parts. This season builds upon the foundation set by the previous one, making the episodes that initially felt like filler more relevant. Questions left unanswered in the season one finale are addressed, and secondary characters receive more significant screen time. The concluding episode perfectly ties together the eight-episode season, reinforcing the overall theme of Sonic Prime.

Drawing from the Games and Minor Drawbacks

While the second season lacks some nods to the games, it still delivers enjoyable content. Some episodes tend to drag on, particularly during repetitive battles with the same foes. However, these minor flaws do not take away from the overarching appeal of the show, which remains focused on Sonic’s personal growth and the larger conflict he faces.

Impressive Voice Acting and Engaging Character Interactions

The voice cast continues to impress in season two. Deven Mack captures Sonic’s endearing qualities while also showcasing his range as a complex character dealing with anger, sadness, and regret. Shannon Chan-Kent, Adam Nurada, and Ashleigh Ball bring life to their respective characters, and the interactions between their counterparts in different dimensions add an extra layer of depth. Brian Drummond and Vincent Tong also shine with their portrayals of various members of the Chaos Council.