Where to find Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver

The Hunt for Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver

Delve into the depths of the ocean in Dave the Diver to unearth an enticing array of delectable treasures. From harpoon fisherman to sushi restaurant mogul, this immersive game allows you to explore the vast flavors and textures that lie just beneath the waves. One culinary ingredient you’ll need to acquire is the sought-after Sea Grapes, a crucial component for a delectable jellyfish dish.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

These elusive Sea Grapes are instrumental in impressing the second critic to visit your sushi bar, ultimately resulting in an upgrade for your establishment. The journey to find these grapes can be quite the challenge, as Dave the Diver invites players to rely on their own discovery skills rather than providing a guide.

If you’re searching for Sea Grapes in Dave the Diver, venture into the same area where Jellyfish are known to roam. As an early-game item, locating these grapes is relatively straightforward. Follow the water currents, and you’ll soon encounter the Jellyfish. I discovered the highest concentration of Sea Grapes just below a school of floating fish.

Identifying Sea Grapes is quite simple – they have long, thin, green stalks that sway gracefully in the current. However, be cautious when collecting them, as you’ll need to ensure you have enough oxygen to resurface. Losing oxygen or encountering perilous underwater obstacles, such as sharp rocks or the stinging Jellyfish, can jeopardize your bounty of Sea Grapes.