How EVA manages its tournament ecosystem with Toornament

Welcome to Esports Virtual Arenas: The Future of Competitive Gaming

Revolutionizing the Video Game Experience

The French start-up Esports Virtual Arenas (EVA) has introduced an innovative blend of paintball and virtual reality (VR) to create a unique form of competitive gaming. Players immerse themselves in a 500 m² platform, equipped with VR headsets and futuristic weapons, for an unparalleled interactive experience.

Rapid Growth and Exciting Competitions

EVA has witnessed remarkable growth since opening its first arena in 2019, with 23 additional venues established across France and the United States. As part of their commitment to the gaming community, EVA regularly organizes competitions, cups, and national leagues.

EVA Competitions

Through the utilization of Toornament, EVA has found the ideal solution for managing tournaments and effectively promoting them online. In our exclusive case study, learn more about how EVA leveraged Toornament to streamline competition management and create a fully-branded online tournament platform.

Download the Case Study

Case Study

Discover the behind-the-scenes details of EVA’s success by downloading our comprehensive case study. Explore how Toornament empowered EVA to efficiently organize and deepen their online presence, all while maintaining their unique branding.

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