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The Weekly Digest: A Deeper Look at Mobile Gaming

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and there are certain topics that continue to captivate our attention. In our weekly digest, the PocketGamer.biz team delves deeper into the most intriguing developments in mobile gaming over the past week.

Pulling the Threads: Inside social media’s latest trend

Imagine having your own social media platform where you can freely express your thoughts and silence those you dislike. It could become a chaotic space filled with controversial opinions and hate speech, with ever-changing rules and constant uncertainty. You could even dismiss all your staff and sell a blue tick to those who already have one. However, this dream scenario could also lead to the spread of lies and misinformation based on personal biases.

Recently, social media platforms have become a breeding ground for these trends, raising concerns among millions of users. But what happens when a rival platform emerges, causing users to abandon ship? This poses interesting questions about the sustainability and consequences of such trends.

South Korean game regulatory agency investigated for corruption

An investigation into a government regulatory body triggered by a petition started by players of a game is making waves in South Korea. Although the petition received a relatively small number of signatures, it seems to have contributed to the uncovering of a significant financial shortfall within the Game Rating and Administration Commission (GRAC).

This incident sheds light on potential issues within regulatory agencies and serves as a lesson that player action can lead to remarkable outcomes. While it remains uncertain whether this will be a one-time event or a catalyst for further change, it highlights the importance of holding such organizations accountable.

Apple scales back production of highly-anticipated Vision Pro headset

Apple’s Vision Pro headset, touted as one of the most significant tech releases since the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, is facing supply chain challenges. Similar to the struggles faced by the latest console generation, the Vision Pro may also suffer from limited availability due to manufacturing issues exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apple’s decision to decrease its stock by 60% in the first year raises concerns about potential shortages and scalpers taking advantage of the situation. However, it’s worth considering whether Apple itself anticipates a lukewarm reception for the device, as consumers might wait for future iterations to address any glitches and potentially lower the price.

The success of the Vision Pro will not only shape the future of AR headsets but also determine Apple’s standing in the market. A favorable response could solidify its position as a leader in AR technology, while a disappointing outcome may open doors for competitors to learn from Apple’s mistakes.

NetEase sees stock rally of 85% fueled by new game releases

Despite facing setbacks due to the China licensing freeze, NetEase has made an impressive recovery. The recent lifting of limitations on game approvals in China has provided a much-needed boost to the company.

NetEase’s success can be attributed to its focus on international expansion, allowing it to mitigate potential regulatory obstacles in the Chinese market. The company showcased 19 games during NetEase Connect, demonstrating its commitment to global growth. The performance of titles like Eggy Party, Racing Master, and Justice Mobile in both China and international markets has further contributed to NetEase’s stock rally.

It will be interesting to monitor whether NetEase continues its expansion plans now that the Chinese market is no longer a regulatory nightmare. The company’s success beyond China will be a key indicator of its future growth.