Diablo 4 is “trying to move very quickly” to improve storage space, but it’s “challenging technically

Blizzard Addresses Concerns Over Diablo 4 Storage Space

Blizzard has taken note of the feedback from players regarding the storage space in Diablo 4 and assures fans that they are working diligently to improve it. During a recent developer livestream, Diablo 4 associate game director Joe Piepiora acknowledged the issue and expressed the team’s commitment to finding solutions.

Piepiora stated, “We are talking a lot about what we need to do with this. We’ve got good plans of things we can do to improve the situation.”

Although improvements to the storage space are in the works, fans might have to exercise patience as Blizzard wants to ensure they “get it right” instead of rushing into immediate changes. Piepiora emphasized the team’s rapid progress and their determination to provide more space in the future while tackling the technical challenges involved.

This dedication to perfection and stability is further echoed by general manager Rod Fergusson, who revealed that the development team prioritizes thorough testing to guarantee a robust and stable experience. Fergusson emphasized the misconception that development time solely pertains to implementation, highlighting the importance of extensive testing.

The Season of the Malignant in Diablo 4 is set to begin on July 20, offering new threats, a self-contained story, and exciting customization options. During this season, encountering an elite monster might result in the appearance of a malignant version with formidable powers and eerie tentacles.

In our Diablo 4 review, we praised the game’s transition to an open world, stating, “Perhaps Diablo 4’s most adventurous quality is the move towards an open world in the ‘modern’ sense… Brimming with intrigue and danger, the open world of Sanctuary fits the Diablo formula like a glove, providing the space in which the game’s macabre aesthetic and bold mechanical design cohere beautifully.”

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