Stellaris – How Many Megastructures Can You Build?

About Megastructures in Stellaris

Building megastructures in Stellaris is a beloved mechanic among players. The satisfaction of creating these colossal structures after years of in-game time is truly rewarding. However, it’s important to note that there are certain limitations when it comes to building megastructures. This guide will provide all the information you need to know about these limitations and how many megastructures you can build.

Understanding DLC Requirement

Before diving into the specifics of megastructure construction, it’s crucial to understand that all megastructures, except one, require DLC to be built. This means that you’ll have to invest in Paradox’s DLC before you can start constructing these magnificent creations.

How Many Megastructures Can You Build?

The number of megastructures you can build in Stellaris depends on their type. There are two categories: single-stage and multi-stage megastructures.

Single Stage Megastructures

One of the great things about single-stage megastructures is that you can build as many as you want. Whether they are faster than light (FTL) or orbital megastructures, the game’s rules allow for unlimited construction within these categories.

FTL Megastructures

FTL megastructures, such as gateways and hyper relays, provide your empire with fast travel options in Stellaris. Gateways act like wormholes from Stargate, allowing your ships to travel to any other gateway in the galaxy. Hyper relays, on the other hand, enable ships to jump to adjacent systems with hyper relays, eliminating the need for sub-light travel.

Orbital Megastructures

Orbital megastructures, including habitats and orbital rings, offer various utility benefits to your empire. Habitats are artificial micro planets that can be built in a system based on the number of planets. Upgraded habitats are larger in size. Orbital rings, on the other hand, function as defensive bases and provide buffs to the planets they encompass. To build an orbital ring, you’ll need to have a colony on the planet.

Multi-Stage Megastructures

The real showstoppers in Stellaris are the multi-stage megastructures. These wonders of technology can be the key to victory in the game. However, there are certain restrictions and caps associated with them.

First, you can only build, upgrade, or restore one multi-stage megastructure at a time. Additionally, these structures can only be built once per system and once per empire. However, they can coexist with single-stage megastructures within the same system.

Here is a list of multi-stage megastructures:

  • Mega Shipyard: Improves ship build speed empire-wide and can be built in systems with one star
  • Quantum Catapult: Enables ships to travel across the entire galaxy with the help of pulsars or neutron stars
  • Strategic Coordination Centre: Allows for the fielding of more ships and the construction of additional star bases
  • Mega-Art installation: Provides unity and amenities to your empire and can be built around any celestial body
  • Interstellar Assembly: Increases your political influence and comes with buffs to opinion, envoys, and diplomatic weight
  • Ring World: Acts as a super habitat and can be built in systems with a single star
  • Dyson Sphere: Solves energy production issues by harnessing the power of the sun, but destroys all worlds within the system
  • Science Nexus: Enhances research capabilities and is built around any standard world
  • Sentry Array: Reveals the entire galaxy with no fog of war and is built orbiting any celestial body
  • Matter Decompressor: Harvests matter from black holes to ensure a steady supply of minerals, built around a black hole
  • Aetherophasic Engine: Unlocks as the final crisis level and results in a game victory when completed, built in the home system

Building beyond the cap limitations can be made possible by obtaining the Isolated Contingency Relic, which allows for the construction of two of every multi-stage megastructure. However, even with this relic, only one Aetherophasic engine can be built.

In total, without the relic, you can build up to 10 megastructures in Stellaris. With the relic, the cap increases to 18. The Isolated Contingency Relic is obtained by defeating the contingency end game crisis.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the necessary information about building megastructures in Stellaris. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments section. Enjoy constructing these awe-inspiring creations and have fun exploring the vast depths of Stellaris!