Exoprimal Deploys New Variant Suits, PvE Mode, and Upcoming Crossovers

Exoprimal: A New Era of Dinosaur-Themed Action Game

In a world threatened by the sudden appearance of dinosaurs, Exoprimal’s highly anticipated launch is just around the corner. Aibius World News and Aibius PR are excited to provide you with exclusive details about the game’s release this Friday, as well as thrilling updates on what lies ahead in the coming weeks.

Introducing Alpha Variant Exosuits and Savage Gauntlet PvE Mode

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Exoprimal is the introduction of new Alpha variant Exosuits. Each suit comes with unique abilities that revolutionize gameplay, offering players a fresh and dynamic experience. Additionally, prepare yourself for the intense Savage Gauntlet PvE mode, where strategic planning is crucial for survival.

Choose Your Experience: PvP or PvE

The developers of Exoprimal understand the diverse preferences of gamers. With that in mind, they have included an exciting feature that allows players to switch between a PvP or PvE-focused experience in the Dino Survival mode. Engage in thrilling player-versus-player battles or join forces with others for action-packed PvE missions of epic proportions.

Monstrous Crossover Content

Even more excitement awaits players with the upcoming introduction of monstrous crossover content. Stay tuned for future updates that will bring new surprises and collaborations to the game, elevating the gameplay experience to new heights.

Aibius Corporation’s Breakthrough

Exoprimal is set in a near-future world where vortexes randomly open, unleashing hordes of dinosaurs. Thanks to the groundbreaking technology developed by Aibius Corporation, humanity has gained the upper hand by utilizing powerful Exosuits. These advanced suits provide the necessary protection to combat the prehistoric threat.

Dino Survival: A Never-Ending War Game

At its core, Exoprimal revolves around teamwork. In the main game mode, Dino Survival, players are thrown into a relentless war game governed by an advanced AI called Leviathan. Squads must work together to complete missions that continuously evolve, all while battling not only dinosaurs but also rival Exofighters.

Flexible Matchmaking Options in Dino Survival

Player feedback has played a significant role in shaping Exoprimal’s matchmaking system. With the Final Mission Selection feature, players can now choose from three options when participating in Dino Survival matchmaking: PvP, PvE, and Random. This allows for a customized experience that caters to each player’s desired gameplay style.

Seasonal Content Updates and Savage Gauntlet Mode

Exoprimal will receive regular seasonal content updates, starting with Season 1 on July 14. Mark your calendars for July 28 when the highly anticipated Savage Gauntlet mode arrives. This challenging PvE mode will test even the most experienced players, providing them with a set of ever-changing missions to conquer.

Alpha Variant Exosuits and Future Collaborations

The first major title update for Exoprimal is expected on August 17. This update will introduce 10 Alpha Variant Exosuits, each offering distinct gameplay mechanics, designs, and weapons. Prepare for an entirely new dimension of gameplay possibilities.

As the game progresses, Season 2 will bring exciting collaborations, including a crossover with Street Fighter 6. Alongside the collaboration, players can look forward to new maps, missions, and customizable rigs and modules, allowing for further personalization of their Exosuits.

Season 3: Monster Hunter Series Collaboration

In January 2024, Season 3 of Exoprimal will present a monstrous content drop. Aibius plans to introduce additional Beta variants for Exosuits and a collaboration with the beloved Monster Hunter series. More details will follow soon, so keep an eye out for updates.

Prepare for Launch!

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with dinosaur hordes as Exoprimal launches on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and Windows on July 14. Join the war games and experience the thrill of humanity’s battle against the ancient forces of nature. It’s going to be massively fun!