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Cooling Crypto: Sega’s Shift in Perspective on Blockchain Gaming

Just months after their groundbreaking acquisition of Rovio, Sega appears to be cooling off on their optimism about blockchain gaming, which they had initially shown great interest in.

Sega’s acquisition of Rovio has sparked speculation about their foray into mobile gaming. While they won’t be the first traditional gaming company to enter the mobile market, this significant acquisition, coupled with their decision to withhold their biggest franchises from third-party blockchain gaming projects, suggests a major change in direction from their initial enthusiasm, according to Bloomberg News.

The co-COO of Sega openly expressed skepticism, asking, “What’s the point if the games are no fun?” This sentiment reflects a general doubt about how blockchain can be seamlessly integrated into games while preserving their core appeal as a leisure activity. While Sega is pausing their plans for developing their own blockchain games and removing certain franchises from the table, they are still open to third-party partnerships for games like Virtua Fighter and Three Kingdoms.

Entering the Mobile Gaming Market

It is evident that the initial excitement around cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain has started to fade across various industries. Sega’s decision to step back and withdraw their popular franchises, possibly including Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) and Sonic the Hedgehog, signals that they are taking a wait-and-see approach instead of fully diving into this technology, as some had hoped or feared.

Rovio, on the other hand, provides Sega with a strong foothold in the already lucrative and still growing mobile gaming industry. Rovio’s contribution to making Finland a hub for mobile gaming, evident in events like PGC Helsinki, makes this acquisition even more promising. Sega, known for its software and having stepped away from the console wars, now has a new avenue to explore—a path that its perennial rival Nintendo seems determined not to pursue. With Rovio’s experienced team, successful hit games, existing collaboration with Sega, and technological expertise, Sega can easily make its mark in the world of mobile gaming.