Super Unique Monster locations and rewards

There is a wide variety of enemies in Diablo 4, ranging from easy to extremely difficult to defeat. One type of enemy that can be found throughout the game is Super Unique Monsters. These enemies are both challenging and rewarding to defeat. In this article, we will provide information about what Super Unique Monsters are, their locations, and the rewards they offer.

Diablo 4: Super Unique Monsters, Explained

Super Unique Monsters in Diablo 4 are powerful enemies with significantly higher stats. They are the strongest enemies in the game, aside from bosses. Each Super Unique Monster has a name and there are many scattered across the world of Sanctuary. These enemies stand out because they have greater health and deal more damage than regular enemies. Additionally, Super Unique Monsters possess special abilities, which makes them even more formidable. One interesting aspect is that each of these enemies has a backstory that is tied to the lore of Diablo 4.

Once you defeat a Super Unique Monster, it will not respawn. It’s also worth noting that you will not be facing these enemies alone, as they are often accompanied by hordes of other creatures. Defeating Super Unique Monsters grants valuable loot and gear, including rare items known as Hidden Rares. These special items can only be obtained by defeating Super Unique Monsters.

Fractured Peaks Super Unique Monsters

In the Fractured Peaks region, there are several Super Unique Monsters:

Sir Lynna

Location: Kylsik Plateau at the Frigid Expanse (only at night)

Spawn Point: Just west of the Forsaken Quarry Dungeon

Hidden Rare: Darkblade (a sword for Rogues and Necromancers)

Darkblade modifiers:

  • +2.0 – 4.5% Shadow Damage
  • +5.0 – 9.0% Crowd Control Duration Bonus
  • +2.0 – 4.5% Damage over Time


Location: Pallid Grave (only at night)

Spawn Point: West of the town Menestad

Hidden Rare: Ring of Splintered Wood (available for all classes)

Ring of Splintered Wood modifiers:

  • +18.7% Lightning Resistance
  • +18.7% Poison Resistance
  • +1.4 – 3.0% Critical Strike Chance
  • +4.5 – 8.0% Poison Damage
  • +9.5 – 13.0% Damage to Close Enemies

Corlin Hulle

Location: Sinner’s Pass in Sea of the Heavens (at night)

Spawn Point: Just northeast of the Hoarfrost Demise Dungeon

Hidden Rare: Staff of Elemental Command (for Sorcerers)

Staff of Elemental Command modifiers:

  • +9.0 – 15.0% Lightning Damage
  • +4.0 – 9.0% Fire Damage
  • +4.0 – 9.0% Cold Damage

Wrathful Osgar Reede

Location: Bellowing Ravine and The Pallid Glade in Fractured Peaks (at night)

Spawn Point: West of Nostrava

Hidden Rare: Mace of Blazing Furor (for Barbarians)

Mace of Blazing Furor modifiers:

  • +2.0 – 4.5% Fire Damage
  • +2.0 – 4.5% Attack Speed
  • +4.5 – 7.5% Movement Speed

Scosglen Super Unique Monsters

In the Scosglen region, you can encounter the following Super Unique Monsters:

Gaspar Stilbian

Location: Highland Wilds in The Scar

Spawn Point: West of the Whispering Pines Dungeon

Hidden Rare: Outcast’s Handwraps (for Sorcerers)

Outcast’s Handwraps modifiers:

  • [1-2] Ranks of Incinerate
  • [4.5 – 8.0%] Fire Damage over Time
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a [8.0 – 11.5%] Chance to Slow

Garbhan Ennai

Location: The Downs in The Harrowfield (only at night)

Spawn Point: Center of this sub-region

Hidden Rare: Manhunter’s Breeches (for Druids)

Manhunter’s Breeches modifiers:

  • +[1 – 2] Rank of Rabies
  • +[6.0 – 12.0%] Damage for 4 seconds after killing an elite
  • +[3.0 – 6.0%] Healing Received

Lord Eonan

Location: Dark Thicket area of the Deep Forest

Spawn Point: North of the town Farobru

Hidden Rare: Blood-Cursed Band (available for all classes)

Blood-Cursed Band modifiers:

  • [6 – 25] Shadow Resistance
  • [6 – 25] Poison Resistance
  • +[4*100] Damage for 4 Seconds After Picking Up a Blood Orb
  • +[10.5 – 17.5] Blood Orb Healing
  • +[16.5 – 23.5] Damage to Close Enemies

Blind Odwyn

Location: The Shrouded Moors in Hawezar

Spawn Point: Southwest corner of the Blood Vale

Hidden Rare: Blind Man’s Bell (an amulet)

Blind Man’s Bell modifiers:

  • [4 – 18.54]% Resistance to All Elements
  • [5 – 12]% Control Impaired Duration Reduction
  • [17.5 – 31.5]% Damage Reduction while Injured
  • +X% Movement Speed for [0.14 – 0.28] Seconds After Killing an Elite
  • +4*100% Damage for 4 Seconds After Killing an Elite

Dry Steppes Super Unique Monsters

In the Dry Steppes region, you will encounter the following Super Unique Monsters:

Pitiless Gur

Location: Chambatar Ridge in The Boiling Plains (only at night)

Spawn Point: Near the Whispering Vault Dungeon

Hidden Rare: Gur’s Freezing Armor (for Barbarians)

Gur’s Freezing Armor modifiers:

  • [3.0 – 6.0%] Cold Damage
  • [13.0 – 22.0%] Cold Resistance
  • [38 – 77] Thorns

Bhotak The Inevitable

Location: Khargai Crags in the Dry Steppes (at night)

Spawn Point: Southwest from the Grinning Labrinth Dungeon

Hidden Rare: Necklace of Inevitability (available for all classes)

Necklace of Inevitability modifiers:

  • [+3.0 – 6.0%] Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
  • [8