Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Group acquires Montreal studio, Turbulent

Star Citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Group Acquires Montreal-based Studio Turbulent

Cloud Imperium Group has announced its acquisition of Turbulent, the Montreal-based studio that has been collaborating with them on Star Citizen since 2012. With this acquisition, Cloud Imperium now has a team of over 1100 people working on their ambitious projects across various locations including Austin, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Manchester, and Montreal. The 189 employees of Turbulent will all remain in their positions, along with the studio’s current management team.

Shared Cultural Values and Passion for Joint Projects

Chris Roberts, the CEO and founder of CIG, expressed his excitement about welcoming Turbulent into their family of studios. He emphasized the shared cultural values and passion between the two companies, which have fostered a natural synergy and development pipeline for their joint projects over the past decade. Benoit Beauséjour, co-founder of Turbulent, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the benefits of joining forces and the international scope of their future projects.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 – Call to Adventure

Successful Crowdfunding and Lengthy Development

Star Citizen has achieved remarkable success in terms of funding, raising over half a billion dollars from backers. As previously discussed, the game’s development has been ongoing for an extended period, with the game still in alpha even after more than a decade. While it has received some private funding, the majority of its funding has come through crowdfunding, starting with a successful $2 million USD Kickstarter campaign in 2012.

Recent Challenges and March Update

In a recent update, Cloud Imperium Games faced login and server issues as a result of attracting a significant number of players back to Star Citizen. The update introduced Persistent Entity Streaming tech, a step towards the game’s goal of full in-game persistence. This technology allows for dynamic tracking of objects when moved by players.

Overall, Cloud Imperium Group’s acquisition of Turbulent marks a significant milestone in the ongoing development of Star Citizen and showcases the depth of talent in the Montreal and Quebec gaming and tech industry. With a global network of talent and international projects on the horizon, the future looks promising for both companies.