Remnant 2 Review – IGN

Remnant 2: A Bold New Iteration

When reflecting on the history of new games and their sequels, it’s often the second attempt at a bold new idea that truly excels. Remnant 2 follows in the footsteps of groundbreaking sequels like Borderlands 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 to deliver a phenomenal experience. The combat is smoother and more satisfying, the loot and buildcrafting systems have been significantly improved to provide endless possibilities and incentives to grind for more, and the boss fights have been completely overhauled. Additionally, each realm in the game feels diverse and captivating, filled with numerous activities and secrets to uncover. However, the game’s killer feature remains its procedurally generated levels, which have been further enhanced in countless ways. With so many possibilities, it’s alarmingly easy to lose track of time while exploring the same area over and over again. It’s safe to say that when it comes to games, the second time is the charm.

Dark Souls Meets Guns

Back in 2019, the original Remnant: From The Ashes earned the affectionate nickname of “Dark Souls with guns.” The sequel fully embraces this characterization. Players, along with up to two allies, venture into perilous areas filled with formidable enemies who easily dispatch those without the skills or patience to overcome the intentionally challenging levels. While the familiar soulslike elements are present, such as limited-use healing items and respawning enemies, Remnant 2 goes beyond simply adding a science-fiction skin to the tried-and-true formula. Instead, it skillfully combines the best aspects of co-op looter shooters like Borderlands and Outriders, featuring an incredibly deep loot grind and buildcrafting system. Furthermore, it introduces unique twists like procedurally generated levels and a diverse range of worlds. The result is a delightful fusion of great ideas that seamlessly blend together, offering a thrilling experience of shooting monsters and facing challenging adversaries.

An Engaging, Yet Surreal, Storyline

Similar to its predecessor, Remnant 2 immerses players in a surreal story where they assume the role of a nameless survivor in a post-apocalyptic Earth threatened by an evil tree-like species known as The Root. While the premise may initially seem peculiar, it serves as a foundation for teleporting to different realities and engaging in thrilling looter-shooter adventures to save the day. The game allows players to interact with both new and returning characters in their base, Ward 13. These characters offer plenty of dialogue, often withholding crucial information while providing intriguing insights into The Root and the multiversal war. However, the main story and its high-concept nature often pale in comparison to the captivating bite-sized stories found within each world. Whether unraveling a murder mystery in a high-fantasy realm or assisting a Gundam Wing-inspired robot in recovering lost cargo aboard a starship, these individual stories outshine the main quest, leaving players yearning for more.

Intense and Immersive Combat

Throughout Remnant 2, the challenging gunplay remains a constant source of excitement. Each new area presents a thrilling dance of shooting, dodging, utilizing abilities, and strategically avoiding being overwhelmed by relentless enemies. Starting with a simple arsenal consisting of primary and secondary weapons, a melee weapon, and a single archetype skill, players gradually unlock a treasure trove of weapons, armor, customizable character classes, and mods. The combat remains fresh thanks to the seamless transition between different worlds in the multiverse, each with its own unique atmosphere and enemies. Whether battling violent robots and wielding laser guns in the sci-fi reality of N’Erud or encountering cockney elves in the fantasy realm of Losomn, the distinction between worlds is so stark that it never fails to leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, each area is brimming with optional quests, secret areas, and challenging puzzles, providing a truly immersive experience.

Boss Fights and Enemy Diversity

While Remnant 2 impresses with its wide array of boss battles, it does suffer from a slight lack of enemy diversity within each world. Although the game features a substantial number of enemy types overall, they are divided among various worlds, resulting in players encountering a specific group of enemies for an extended period within each world. This repetition can become tiresome, especially when facing the same flying gargoyles and armored knights throughout the entirety of a particular realm like Losomn. However, this minor flaw is quickly overshadowed by the game’s captivating boss fights, which significantly contribute to its strengths. Remnant 2 successfully rectifies the lack of personality seen in the first game’s boss encounters. The developers have listened to community feedback and delivered memorable battles that truly test players’ skills and provide a sense of accomplishment.

The Final Verdict

Despite its minor flaws, Remnant 2 excels as a bold iteration of the original game. With its refined combat, deep loot grind, and engaging storyline, the game offers an unforgettable experience for fans of co-op looter shooters and challenging gameplay. Each world within the multiverse presents a unique and captivating adventure, further enhanced by stunning visuals and immersive gameplay mechanics. While improvements can still be made to enemy diversity, the exceptional boss fights more than compensate for this slight shortcoming. Remnant 2 proves that when it comes to games, the second time truly is the charm.