The Elder Scrolls Online and Murder by Numbers are free on Epic right now

The Epic Game Store continues to offer its weekly freebies, and this time, it’s slashing the prices of The Elder Scrolls Online and Murder by Numbers to zero pence, making them affordable for everyone.

Description of The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online, as the name suggests, is an MMO that was first released in 2014. It takes players to the enchanting world of Tamriel for an immersive fantasy experience.

Description of Murder by Numbers

For those who aren’t interested in dragons and fantasy, Murder by Numbers offers a delightful mix of campy detective mystery and the popular puzzle game Picross. Players assume the role of Honor Mizhari, an actress on a TV detective show from the mid-90s, who must solve real-world crimes after her boss is found dead.

Murder by Numbers announcement trailer.

According to Eurogamer contributor Vikki Blake, Murder by Numbers is an “unlikely but utterly lovable genre mash-up” and was even awarded a Recommended badge in 2020.

You can grab The Elder Scrolls Online and Murder by Numbers for free on the Epic Games Store until the 27th of July. After that, Severed Steel and Homeworld Remastered Collection will become the new freebies on offer.