Street Fighter 6 Update Adds Rashid, Improves Others Fighters

Street Fighter 6 July 2023 Update Adds Rashid to Roster

Street Fighter 6 has recently received a substantial update, introducing the character Rashid to its roster and implementing various improvements for other fighters. To gain access to Rashid, players need either the Year 1 Character Pass or the Year 1 Ultimate Pass. Alternatively, they can purchase the fighter from the Goods Shop or try him out for one hour using a Rental Fighter ticket.

New Items in Goods Shop

  • Playable character Rashid
  • Rashid Outfit 2
  • Rashid Colors 3-10
  • Avatar gear: Pirate Captain Bundle, Resort-Style Bundle, Breezy Resort-Style Bundle (also available as individual items)

Fighting Ground

  • Rashid’s story has been added to Arcade Mode
  • An easier way to switch between Record and Playback has been implemented in the Training Mode pause menu
  • The Master League has been added, coinciding with the beginning of Phase 1 on August 1

Battle Adjustments

  • A warning has been issued regarding replays: past replays cannot be played back with this new battle update
  • Replays saved to your Replay List or Local Replays will remain saved but cannot be played back on CFN > Replay
  • Data from earlier versions will not be displayed on Fighter Profile

World Tour

  • Rashid’s Master Missions have been added
  • Missions featuring the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium Tournament and Suval’hal Arena are now available. Players must complete the main game to access these missions
  • New comic cutscenes have been added to the Gallery under Cutscenes > World Tour

For the complete list of battle changes, check out the complete patch notes. To learn more about Street Fighter 6, feel free to read our review.