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Nearly 30,000 Game Developers Attend the Annual Game Developers Conference

In March, the city of San Francisco was flooded with game developers as the annual Game Developers Conference took place. With over 100 workshops and summits on the first day alone, this week-long event was action-packed. Our cohost Peggy Anne Salz was on the ground with conference attendees, including KooApp’s CK Wang and Mintegral’s Shobier Shobieri. Check out the full GDC recap with the podcast team below.

“I don’t think anyone’s going, ‘Oh, free-to-play is dead, or it’s not going to still be a massive driver of revenue’. But I think when it comes to starting new projects and looking ahead, I think there’s more interest, excitement, and opportunity.”

– Chris James

On this Week’s Podcast

Join Peggy Anne Salz, Steel Media CEO Chris James, and COO Dave Bradley as they engage in a post-conference conversation in this episode. They break down the major topics of interest at this year’s GDC, including the rise of the subscription model, the resurgence of VR, and creative use cases for AI that are transforming games and NPC characters. Additionally, Chris and Dave reveal details about upcoming PG Connects in Seattle, Dubai, and Toronto, and share tips for creating events curated to their respective locations.

About Our Guests

Chris James boasts over 25 years of experience in gaming and technology, with the past 18 years focused on our very own Pocket Gamer brand. Chris is a familiar face at industry events and often calls out to fellow gaming enthusiasts, encouraging them to “give [him] a bell” when he’s in town for one of the numerous annual PG Connects.

Dave Bradley keeps the ball rolling as COO at Steel Media, where he oversees editorial, marketing, and events teams and participates in industry gatherings. Additionally, Dave also mans the helm of Electric Box Media, his personal consultancy company that provides high-quality content and advice to companies like Dialect and That Media Thing. In his spare time, Dave also participates in Bath Spa University’s Industry Mentorship program, where he mentors students pursuing careers in publishing.

Listen to the full podcast episode below:

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