Best Build for Blade – Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons and Abilities

Blade: The Best Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Blade is an exceptional 5-star Wind character in Honkai: Star Rail. As a Destruction character, he excels in dealing damage by sacrificing his own HP while maintaining a level of tankiness. Whether as a main DPS or sub-DPS, Blade can adapt to any battle situation. He is a valuable character to have in your roster. In this guide, we will explore the best Blade build in Honkai: Star Rail.

Light Cones

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Blade’s unique HP-sacrificing mechanic and reliance on HP-scaling limit the number of weapons that truly complement him.

  • The Unreachable Side is Blade’s signature weapon. It synergizes perfectly with his HP-sacrificing mechanic. The weapon enhances Crit Rate by 18% and increases max HP by 18%. With Blade dealing more damage as his HP rises, this boost is crucial. Additionally, when the wearer is attacked or consumes HP, damage output is increased by 24%. Since Blade frequently sacrifices HP, this damage increase is almost always active.
  • A Secret Vow is the best 4-star weapon for Blade if you don’t have his signature weapon. It raises the wearer’s DMG by 20%. Moreover, the wearer deals additional 20% DMG to enemies with higher or equal HP percentages. As Blade constantly sacrifices HP, he usually has less HP than his opponents, making this weapon’s passive a reliable damage boost.
  • A Mutual Demise is the top free-to-play option for Blade if you don’t have A Secret Vow. It enhances the wearer’s Crit Rate when HP falls below 80%, which is ideal for Blade’s playstyle.

Relics & Eidolons

Blade’s damage scales off his HP rather than traditional ATK stats, necessitating a different approach to building him. There is one optimal Relic set for Blade:

  • The Longevous Disciple set is ideal for Blade, providing a 12% increase in HP. Additionally, the Crit Rate is raised by 8% up to 2 times whenever HP is lost. This set perfectly complements Blade’s mechanics. For the 2-piece set, use the Rutilant Arena set, which increases Crit Rate by 8% and boosts Basic ATK and Skill damage by 20% when Crit Rate surpasses 70%.
Blade Eidolons Best Build Honkai Star Rail

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Here are the essential Eidolons to focus on for Blade:

  • Eidolons 1 & 6 are vital for enhancing Blade’s damage output.
  • Eidolon 4 grants a considerable increase in HP% and is worth considering.

Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2 is now available for play.