Honkai Star Rail: Best Blade team comps

Honkai: Star Rail – The Best Team Comps for Blade

Honkai: Star Rail has introduced the powerful vampiric Blade in Version 1.2. As a member of the Stellaron Hunters, Blade carries a mysterious grudge against Dan Heng. With his unique HP-sacrificing mechanic, Blade is a Wind Destruction character who offers incredible damage. To maximize his potential, it’s important to know the best team compositions to pair Blade with. Here are the top choices:

Blade’s Best Healer: Luocha

Luocha shines as Blade’s top healer. His mechanic heals the team as they deal damage, ensuring Blade’s health remains stable. While other healers like Natasha or Bailu can work, they may be less consistent in keeping Blade alive. It’s crucial to prioritize healers over shielders as Blade’s damage output increases when he takes more damage. Shielders, on the other hand, would prevent Blade from taking necessary damage.

Blade’s Best Buffer: Bronya

Bronya is the ideal buffer for Blade. Tingyun doesn’t work well since her ATK buff goes to waste on Blade. Instead, Bronya provides a flat DMG increase and Crit DMG buff through her Ultimate. Furthermore, her Skill action propels Blade into action, allowing him to accumulate more stacks and deal greater damage. While Yukong is also an acceptable buffer due to her Crit Rate + Crit DMG buff, it’s important to note that her ATK buff would be wasted on Blade.

Blade’s Debuffer Slot: Silver Wolf

The last slot in Blade’s team should be filled by a debuffer character. Silver Wolf is the top choice as she adds a Wind weakness to enemies who lack it. Additionally, she enhances Blade’s damage by providing a DEF shred and other mechanics. Another great option is Pela, who can reduce DEF and has the added utility of removing buffs (although Luocha already fulfills this role with his Ultimate).

Considering these tips, here are some example Blade teams to excel in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Blade / Luocha / Bronya / Silver Wolf
  • Blade / Natasha or Bailu / Yukong / Pela
  • Blade / Welt / Luocha / Silver Wolf

Get ready to unleash the power of Blade in Honkai: Star Rail version 1.2, available now!