F1 Manager 2023 Review – IGN

F1 Manager 2023: A Motorsports Management Simulation with New Features

The excitement of a race weekend is brought to life in F1 Manager 2023, a game that puts you in control behind the pit wall. If you’re a fan of the Codemasters F1 games, you know the stress of navigating the tight turns on street circuits. But in F1 Manager, your responsibilities go beyond driving. Your job is to manage the performance of not just one, but two F1 cars, focusing on factors like tire wear, fuel consumption, and various other metrics.

F1 Manager 2023 builds on the success of its debut last year by fixing previous mistakes and introducing new features, making it a compelling motorsports management simulation that will deepen your knowledge and love of the sport. The game challenges you to juggle multiple metrics and oversee a pair of elite race cars, but it’s designed to be a learning experience rather than overwhelming.

Race Replay: A New Scenario Mode for Learning and Testing

F1 Manager 2023 introduces an exciting new feature called Race Replay, which offers full race replays and team-specific objectives for each track. This mode allows you to test your skills and learn from your mistakes. For example, I tried a scenario at Silverstone where I had to push both McLaren cars up to the podium after a yellow flag restart. Initially, I made the mistake of waiting for Norris to suggest a pit stop himself, resulting in him dropping to 10th position. But when I restarted the challenge and immediately told him to pit, Norris held track position in fourth, making it easier to win the challenge.

Race Replay encourages confident decision-making and teaches you the value of making the right choices to become a world champion constructor. This mode is so engaging that I find myself wanting to play it more often than the flagship career mode. The deluxe edition of F1 Manager 2023 even includes 14 additional race moments, including a scenario at the brand-new Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Career Mode: Manage Your Team to Success

The career mode in F1 Manager 2023 allows you to take control of any of the ten teams on the grid and experience the full range of responsibilities of a team principal. You’ll design car parts, upgrade team facilities, manage staff and drivers, and even micromanage your pit crew.

The level of detail required depends on which team you choose to manage. Teams like Red Bull, who consistently perform well, can take a long-term approach and aim for a locked-up championship. On the other hand, teams like Alpha Tauri struggle to make it out of the first qualifying session and require your full attention and effort to succeed.

One challenge you’ll face as a team manager is the Cost Cap, a rule that prevents teams from overspending. Even top teams like Red Bull and Mercedes have to carefully manage their resources to avoid burning through car parts. Every decision you make has consequences, so it’s important to strike the right balance.

Authenticity and Realism

F1 Manager 2023 stays true to the sport by including the two new tracks added to the 2023 calendar and the sprint weekend format for six races. The strategy layer of career mode is enhanced by these additions, providing a different experience from previous versions.

The game also features the inclusion of F2 and F3 drivers, adding depth to the roster. However, it would be great to see further expansion in the future, with the ability to create custom drivers from scratch.

Managing Tires, Fuel, and Race Pace

In F1 Manager 2023, you have control over three main mechanics to optimize your race performance. Managing tire wear is crucial, as excessive wear can force an additional pit stop and cost you valuable points. Fuel management is straightforward but important, as running out of fuel means not finishing the race.

During the race, you have access to different onboard camera views, allowing you to monitor your cars at different speeds. Be cautious when using first-person cameras at high speeds, as it may cause motion sickness for some players.

The Energy Recovery System (ERS), which charges the car’s internal battery, is another element to consider. Proper management of the ERS can give you an edge on the track.

F1 Manager 2023 is a comprehensive motorsports management simulation that offers new features and challenges to enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a dedicated fan or new to the genre, this game will engage and educate you, further fueling your passion for Formula 1.