Helldivers 2 ESRB Rating Is Full of Guns and Gore

Helldivers 2: ESRB Rating Reveals Intense and Gory Gameplay

The upcoming release of Helldivers 2 promises an action-packed shooter experience reminiscent of the cult classic film Starship Troopers. Inspired by its predecessor, this highly anticipated game embraces over-the-top violence, as outlined in the recently unveiled Helldivers 2 ESRB listing.

Rated M for Mature

According to the ESRB rating, Helldivers 2 has received a mature rating, owing to its graphic content. Players will have access to a wide range of powerful weapons, including pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, turrets, grenades, and rocket launchers. These tools of destruction can be employed against hostile forces comprising robots, cyborgs, and colossal insects. Hardcore combat scenes feature realistic gunfire, cries of pain, blood-splatter effects, and bloodstained, dismembered corpses. Notably, firing upon deceased foes leads to further dismemberment, and shockingly, human civilians can also be eliminated. A glimpse of these intense moments can be witnessed in the recent gameplay trailer.

Evolution from the Original

In comparison to its predecessor, Helldivers 2 sets a new standard for detail and immersion. The first game, which was rated T for Teen, also featured elements such as dismembered corpses and cries of pain. However, the upgraded isometric perspective, coupled with enhanced visuals on the PS5 and PC platforms, has prompted the game’s rating to increase by one level, reflecting its heightened intensity.

Ambitious Release Date

The mature rating for Helldivers 2 suggests that its release is imminent. While an exact date has yet to be confirmed, indications point to a targeted launch in October, ensuring fans don’t have to wait much longer to embark on this thrilling adventure.