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Anything World Releases Free 3D Animations on Unity Asset Store

The Unity Asset Store is now offering a collection of free, game-ready 3D animations from Anything World. These assets include a wide variety of rigged 3D animated models, ranging from humanoids and quadrupeds to insects, flying creatures, swimming creatures, and vehicles. By integrating these assets into their games, Unity users can greatly expedite the development process.

Co-founder and CEO of Anything World, Gordon Midwood, expressed his excitement about contributing to the Unity creator community. He stated, “Here at Anything World we love Unity and we love the Unity Asset Store! Our goal is to bring 3D creativity to everyone, and we’re super happy to be at the front of such a cool creator community. Let the limitless game making begin. And with this greater visibility we can bring more exciting opportunities to those working in the industry – whatever their skills.”

New Opportunities with Verification and Release on Unity Asset Store

Anything World’s free 3D animations are now available for download on the Unity Asset Store following the launch of their AI Creator Tool on the same platform. This tool enables users to easily create and control 3D worlds using voice and text commands.

As a Unity Verified Solutions Provider, Anything World is known for providing high-quality and technically compatible solutions. They are also committed to delivering responsive and long-term support to their users.

Since last year, Anything World has experienced significant growth, raising $7.5 million in its Series Seed Plus funding round in November. The company has formed collaborations with popular game developer Ubisoft and rock band Coheed and Cambria, and they recently released a plugin for creators using Unreal Engine.

Anything World’s mission is to break down barriers to creativity and 3D, and their partnerships with game engines and other creative entities demonstrate the industry’s recognition of their valuable contributions.

Meanwhile, Unity has been focused on enhancing the speed and ease of their game development tools, with a particular emphasis on the role of AI in the production process. Just recently, Homa’s AI hackathon resulted in the development of 10 new AI tools in just 48 hours.