Can Amazon Anywhere open up a new monetisation channel for mobile games? | Pocket

Finding New Ways to Monetize Your Mobile Game

Monetizing mobile games can be a challenge in today’s tough market. However, there are strategies that can increase the chances of success. One such strategy is to explore alternative avenues for generating revenue, such as cross-platform gaming and releasing on different app stores.

But what if you could monetize your game outside of the in-game experience? Amazon Anywhere offers the opportunity for game and app developers to incorporate in-game shopping, where players can directly purchase physical items from the Amazon Anywhere storefront without leaving the game. This integration could be especially beneficial when it comes to tying in physical merchandise purchases for popular mobile games.

The First of Many

Niantic’s AR pet game, Peridot, became the first mobile game to take advantage of Amazon Anywhere when it was released in May. Players were surprised to discover an in-game shopping experience that allowed them to purchase Peridot-themed merchandise and physical items within the game. By linking their Amazon account to their player account, users gained access to curated products and Peridot merchandise on Amazon. Orders could be tracked and managed through the Amazon app.

While Peridot may be the first, it is likely that other mobile games and apps will soon incorporate the Amazon Anywhere storefront. This raises the question of whether this immersive shopping experience will only benefit Amazon or if it presents a unique opportunity for game studios, app developers, and publishers to boost revenue and engage customers.

A New Era of In-Game Purchases

Most mobile games rely on in-app purchases (IAPs) to generate revenue. These purchases typically involve digital content like cosmetic items and in-game currency. However, Amazon Anywhere takes a different approach by introducing physical items into the world of IAPs. With the exception of Japanese mobile games that offer raffle tickets with physical awards, the inclusion of physical items in a gaming environment is relatively uncharted territory for mobile games.

Given that IAPs already play a significant role in revenue generation, adding a new sales channel for physical items could open up more opportunities for monetization. However, the profitability of this channel remains a key question. Amazon has not disclosed the commission it will take on sales made through Amazon Anywhere. Additionally, it is unclear if game companies already listing products on Amazon will face additional costs for integrating Amazon Anywhere into their games.

The Rise of Video Game Merchandising

Video game intellectual properties (IPs) have gained immense popularity, resulting in high demand for video game physical merchandise. Amazon currently offers thousands of products based on gaming IPs such as Resident Evil, Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Crash Bandicoot. However, the sheer volume of video game merchandise on Amazon can make it challenging for customers to find what they’re looking for, especially with sponsored listings often cluttering search results.

Here is where Amazon Anywhere can benefit game studios the most. By utilizing Amazon Anywhere, developers can curate a selection of products directly within their mobile game, showcasing their own merchandise to potentially millions of customers. This approach eliminates the risk of customers purchasing unofficial products that may be promoted within the Amazon web browser.

A Gateway to Physical Merchandise

While many notable mobile game studios may not currently have a presence on Amazon, there is an opportunity for those with millions of players to drive sales for physical products. Although managing physical merchandise requires resources, integrating Amazon Anywhere offers a solution by allowing Amazon to handle the fulfillment process. Game studios can focus on creating physical products with high-profit margins, opening up viable monetization channels.

In addition to revenue potential, physical merchandise also serves as a powerful marketing tool to increase awareness of mobile games. It allows studios to have a presence in the physical world, extending their reach beyond the digital realm.

A Promising Opportunity for Mobile Games and Apps

The mobile gaming industry is known for its constant innovation in monetization strategies. While Amazon Anywhere is still in its early stages, it will be fascinating to see which game studios choose to integrate this new storefront into their titles. The demand from players will ultimately determine whether this integration proves worthwhile.