Hijack Complete Series Review – IGN

Apple TV+ has released all seven episodes of Hijack, a thrilling summer series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The show follows the hijacking of Flight KA29 and the tense negotiations that unfold on board. Starring Idris Elba as corporate negotiator Sam, Hijack balances suspense with outlandish twists, making for an entertaining watch.

Much like the real-time approach of the hit series 24, Hijack unfolds over the course of the seven-hour flight from Dubai to London. The format adds urgency to the story, while keeping viewers glued to their screens. Although the show switches between the plane and the investigations on the ground, it is the claustrophobic setting of the commercial jet that truly captivates audiences.

This summer TV season is known for delivering high-octane thrills, and Hijack does not disappoint. From the moment Sam steps onto the plane, the series takes viewers on a wild ride. Elba’s performance as the no-nonsense negotiator brings a sense of calm to the chaos, even when the plot takes unexpected turns.

While Hijack keeps viewers guessing with its red herrings and misdirections, it also features a large cast of characters. The production design, particularly the use of different seating areas on the plane, adds to the tension and heightens the overall viewing experience. Elba’s ability to convey emotions without uttering a word showcases his skills as an action hero.

However, Hijack is not without its flaws. Some characters make questionable choices throughout the series, and certain plot points veer into the realm of the ridiculous. The finale, in particular, tries to pack in too many surprises, detracting from the overall suspense. Despite these shortcomings, Hijack manages to deliver pulpy entertainment value with a talented cast.

Overall, Hijack is an exhilarating series that offers a thrilling and entertaining escape for viewers. With its mix of suspense, action, and unexpected twists, it proves to be a standout addition to the Apple TV+ lineup.