Diablo 4 players have shattered the barrier between the two seasons with this weird glitch

Diablo 4 Glitch Allows Character Transfer between Eternal and Seasonal Realms

Players of Diablo 4 have discovered a strange glitch that enables them to bring their characters from the Eternal Realm to its Seasonal counterpart, bypassing the usual restart at level 1 with no items or gold.

Although Diablo 4 does provide an option for Seasonal characters to retain some progress from the Eternal Realm, those seeking to experience the new content generally have to start fresh. However, a new glitch has surfaced, allowing players to bridge the gap between the Eternal and Seasonal Realms.

YouTuber Glitch Unlimited recently shared a video showcasing the realm-hopping technique that grants benefits to characters on both sides. By exploiting the glitch, players utilizing Eternal Realm characters can equip new Legendary items with seasonal aspects and sell items for gold in the Seasonal Realm, which can be used to boost XP gains and levels through Seasonal Blessings (excluding Malignant Hearts).

To employ this technique, players must manipulate the game on a technical level. The process involves joining friends in a Seasonal Realm and subsequently disconnecting from the internet. After reconnecting, players can log back in as an Eternal Realm character while retaining all their items.

For those who wish to assist their seasonal character, it is recommended to leave a powerful item in the fourth stash tab before disconnecting, thereby allowing the character to receive the gift of potent Legendary or Unique items.

It is important to note that this glitch may have a limited lifespan due to the stringent rules surrounding realm transfers. Additionally, Blizzard may take punitive action against players who utilize this tactic, so it is advised to proceed at your own risk.

Understanding the distinct realms of Diablo 4 may be perplexing, but the user interface demonstrates that simplicity reigns supreme.