Find out how Finland is leading the games industry ahead of PG Connects Helsinki | Pocket

The Finnish games industry has undergone tremendous growth and internationalization in recent years, positioning itself as a hub of innovation and creativity. This growth can be attributed to several key factors: the increasing popularity of PC and console platforms, the collaborative and supportive culture within the industry, and a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

One of the main drivers behind the growth of the Finnish games industry is the rise of PC and console platforms. With a 16% increase in active developer studios and a 200% increase in developer studio investments post-pandemic, more studios are choosing Finland as a destination for game development. The country’s supportive ecosystem, which provides access to talent, funding, and expertise, makes it an attractive choice for developers. Finnish developers have also made a significant impact on the indie game scene, thanks to digital distribution platforms that have made it easier for them to reach a global audience.

The Finnish games industry is known for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Initiatives and organizations within Finland, such as Neogames and Women in Games Finland, work to support and promote diversity in the industry. Efforts are being made to increase the number of women working in the games industry, with women currently making up approximately 25% of the workforce in Finland, higher than the global average. The industry is also making strides in addressing the underrepresentation of indigenous peoples and welcoming talent from other countries.

The Finnish games industry has a strong international focus and has successfully exported its products and services around the world. The pandemic has further facilitated internationalization through remote work and collaboration. The culture of knowledge sharing has resulted in a more global talent pool, with people from different countries working on Finnish games. The industry is also expanding its presence in key markets such as the United States and Asia. The Finnish government’s support, investments, and commitment to corporate social responsibility contribute to the industry’s competitive edge.

Innovation is thriving in the Finnish games industry, with companies developing new technologies and business models. There is a dedicated long-term commitment to VR/AR/XR/metaverse businesses, which are expected to become a €8 to €13 trillion opportunity by 2030. Finnish companies are at the forefront of developing high-end VR and AR headsets, game engines, and other products that enhance the gaming experience. These technologies create immersive and interactive experiences for players, blurring the line between games and virtual worlds.

Sustainability is a key focus for the Finnish games industry. Companies are actively reducing their environmental impact by using energy-efficient hardware and software and investing in renewable energy sources. Environmental themes and issues are being incorporated into games, encouraging players to make choices that have a positive impact on the environment.

In conclusion, the Finnish games industry’s growth and internationalization can be attributed to factors such as the increasing popularity of PC and console platforms, a collaborative and supportive culture, and a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. The industry’s innovation and commitment to diversity make it an ideal location for a PG Connects conference.

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