How To Roleplay (RP) GTA 5 Online On PS4

Are you interested in roleplaying in GTA 5 on your PS4 or PS5 console? While console players can’t use modding like PC players, there are still options available for roleplaying. Discord servers provide a solution for console players who want to roleplay different departments in the game. By following the steps below, you can enjoy GTA 5 roleplay on your PS4 or PS5.

How to Participate in GTA 5 Roleplay on PS4 & PS5

Follow these steps to get started with GTA 5 roleplay on your PS4 console:

  • Access this link to join “The Lounge,” a GTA roleplaying Discord server.
  • After joining, familiarize yourself with the server guidelines and complete the verification process.

How To Roleplay In GTA 5 On PS4 & PS5 (RP Server)

  • Next, go to the “Role-Assign” server and choose a role and console.
  • Once you’ve selected a role, you’ll need to participate in an interview to qualify for GTA 5 roleplay on your PS4.
  • An interviewer will ask you a series of questions. Check the Announcement Channels for updates on interviews.
  • After successfully completing the interview process and following the interviewer’s instructions, you’ll be cleared to join a GTA RP server on your PS4.

Keep in mind that the Discord link provided may expire if the server reaches its maximum capacity. Therefore, you’ll need to continually look for new GTA RP servers to join. You can subscribe to ItsRaditz on YouTube, where new roleplaying servers are regularly created.

For a visual demonstration, watch the following video by ItsRaditz:

That’s all you need to do to participate in GTA 5 roleplay on your PS4. For more informative content, check out our other GTA Online Guides at Gamer Tweak. We have a wealth of valuable content available for you to explore.