HP Omen 27qs Review – IGN

Affordable 27-Inch Gaming Monitor for Competitive Gamers

If you’re a competitive gamer in need of a new monitor, you’ll want to consider a 27-inch gaming monitor with a 1440p resolution and 240Hz refresh rate. This combination offers a boost in motion clarity compared to a 144Hz monitor and provides a more immersive gaming experience than a smaller 24-inch screen. However, many 27-inch 240Hz monitors on the market come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, the HP Omen 27qs is an affordable alternative priced at just $429.99.

Elegant Design with Professional Appeal

The HP Omen 27qs features a sleek and classy design that prioritizes elegance over flashy aesthetics. Its all-black design includes a slim and narrow monitor stand with a glossy piano black finish, complemented by a subtle LED lighting element on the rear panel. The display panel itself has extremely slim bezels along the sides and top, with a small chin on the bottom. Overall, the monitor boasts a professional look that seamlessly fits into any home office or living room.

Built to Last with Some Minor Flaws

While the design of the HP Omen 27qs is impressive, the build quality doesn’t quite live up to the same standard. The monitor mainly consists of plastic, which results in some panels feeling a bit flimsy. Additionally, the lack of texture across surfaces is a drawback. However, the monitor’s stand, although not VESA compatible, can be adjusted for height, tilt, and rotation. It’s worth noting that the monitor may experience some wobbling if subjected to harsh typing or bumps.

Decent Connectivity and Features

The HP Omen 27qs offers a decent range of connectivity options. It includes two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4 port, and a USB-B upstream port to drive two downstream USB-A 3.2 ports. While some competitors provide additional features like a USB-C input, the HP Omen 27qs menu system is easy to navigate with its unique D-Pad style control. The monitor also provides several image quality modes and gaming features such as a frame rate monitor and a crosshair.

Attractive Image Quality for Gaming

In terms of image quality, the HP Omen 27qs doesn’t disappoint. It offers a color gamut that spans 100 percent of sRGB, 97 percent of DCI-P3, and 87 percent of AdobeRGB, resulting in vibrant and alluring visuals in colorful game titles. Its brightness also reaches a maximum of 376 nits in SDR modes. However, there are competitors that provide a wider color gamut and higher maximum brightness at similar or lower prices. The default color mode of the HP Omen 27qs also restricts the DCI-P3 color gamut, leading to decreased color saturation.

Perfect for Competitive Games, Not Ideal for Immersive Titles

The HP Omen 27qs’ 1440p resolution offers crisp visuals in most games, especially fast-paced competitive titles like Fortnite or DOTA 2. However, its lackluster contrast and hazy-gray look in dark scenes make it less suitable for immersive and atmospheric games like Diablo IV or Resident Evil Village. Its performance in HDR mode also falls short, with a lack of detail and insufficient brightness. Nevertheless, the monitor handles SDR content well in HDR mode, maintaining color accuracy and a wide color gamut.

If you’re a competitive gamer on a budget, the HP Omen 27qs provides a solid choice with its affordable price and attractive image quality. While it may have some minor flaws and limitations, it’s a value-minded alternative that offers the motion clarity of 240Hz in a 27-inch monitor without breaking the bank.