WAGMI appoints EA veterans to leadership roles | Pocket Gamer.biz

WAGMI Games, a leading company in web3 entertainment, has made significant hires to drive its transformation in the industry. The company has recruited experienced professionals from established game developers who possess skills that are transferable to the world of web3. Notably, Esteban Gil, former senior project manager at EA and Respawn Entertainment, has joined as the head of business strategy development. Gil will focus on consumer-oriented products and is excited to leverage web3 and NFT technology to revolutionize the gaming industry and deliver immersive experiences to fans worldwide.

The Emergence of Web3

In addition to Esteban Gil, WAGMI has appointed Brent Pease, former director of operations at EA, as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and General Manager. Pease brings his extensive experience in building games and companies to the team, having founded Industrial Toys, which was later acquired by EA. Pease expressed his honor to be part of the passionate creators at WAGMI and highlighted the exciting vision of the company to create amazing games that thrill their growing community.

WAGMI’s first project, WAGMI Defense, is a mobile app that offers a fast-paced, three-minute game loop tower defense experience. Notably, all playable game assets are owned by the players, and marketplaces like GamestopNFT enable players to trade these in-game assets.

WAGMI aims to drive the adoption of web3 in the gaming industry, which currently accounts for only 3% of the three billion gamers worldwide. The company believes that by reducing entry barriers, including crypto wallet requirements, they can develop web3 games that are mass-market ready and appeal to a broader audience.

WAGMI CEO Ian Bentley expressed his excitement about the new hires, emphasizing their immense talent and the shared vision to evolve the gaming space. He sees their addition to the team as an opportunity to make history and shape the future of the industry.

WAGMI was listed as one of the top 50 mobile game makers of 2022, and their 2023 list will be revealed at Gamescom on August 22.